7 things in your house that have a lot of bacteria and you didn't know

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7 things in your house that have a lot of bacteria and you didn't know
7 things in your house that have a lot of bacteria and you didn't know

We don't mean the toilet and the floor. In your apartment there are a lot of things on which bacteria literally arrange weddings and actively multiply. So, the largest number of bacterial species lives on…

Wash immediately! 7 items in the house that accumulate the most bacteria

Cutting Board

The most practical option is a plastic or glass cutting board. You need to wash it every day - it should become the same familiar procedure as brushing your teeth in the morning. It is enough to wash the board with a sponge and soap, and then rinse thoroughly with water. After that, it can be doused with boiling water. If you use a dishwasher, put your cutting board in it every time you start the machine. Also, use a separate cutting board for raw meat and poultry.


If you use the same towel to dry your hands, utensils and work surfaces in the kitchen, bacteria (such as salmonella and E. coli) can get from the cloth onto plates or washed vegetables and fruits. In addition, moisture is an ideal environment for germs, and wet towels attract various microorganisms. All this leads to poisoning. To minimize the risk, use different towels for your hands, utensils, and work surfaces. Change your dish towel every day, as it is the first place where harmful bacteria accumulate. Wash all kitchen towels at the highest temperature allowed, then iron or tumble dry them.

Door handles

Each of the household touches them dozens of times a day, bacteria multiply and are carried throughout the house. To catch an infection, it is enough to take a dirty pen, and then touch your eyes or mouth. Wash your hands with soap and water every week. If someone is sick at home, wipe your hands more often, you can use a disinfectant solution.

Bathroom faucets

First you touch them to open the water, and then close them with clean hands. Wash faucets thoroughly with a sponge and soap - at least once a week. If someone in the house is sick, you should do it more often. The same rules apply to toilet flush buttons.

TV and air conditioner remotes

According to research results, the largest number of bacteria is found in hotel rooms on remote controls. Of course, only family members use the remote control at home, but nevertheless, harmful microorganisms can also live on it. Wipe the remote with wet wipes once a week if everyone at home is he althy. If there are colds in the family, take it every day.


We touch them as often as doorknobs. Clean the light switches once a week with warm soapy water, and pay special attention to the light switch in the hallway that you use when you enter the house before washing your hands. A compilation of our best home cleaning tips.

City phone

The phone gets dirty when it comes into contact with the skin, and if you actively use cosmetics, the bacteria on the surface of the handset multiply even faster, especially if the phone has buttons. Wipe the handset with wet wipes at least once a week.

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