Hide It Now: Covering Skin Imperfections

Hide It Now: Covering Skin Imperfections
Hide It Now: Covering Skin Imperfections

To give the skin a radiance and a he althy look, to even out its tone, powder and foundation will help. Choose products according to your skin type and start makeup!

Hide It Now: Covering Skin Imperfections

How to cover up skin imperfections


1. With a fluffy brush, apply powder to hide imperfections all over the face, moving from the center to the periphery. Don't forget to tone the neck, hairline and earlobes.

2. If after a while the skin becomes oily, blot the area with a matte cloth and apply another layer of powder.

Making imperfections of mature skin

1. Apply foundation all over your face with your fingers or with a damp sponge if you want extra coverage.

2. Gently spread the cream over the entire surface of the skin. If the tone gets into the creases, remove the excess with a clean sponge.


1. Use foundation that is formulated with moisturizing ingredients.

2. Blend with fingers or sponge for a beautifully even skin tone.

Blemish correction for sensitive skin

1. Dip a brush with short, dense bristles into powder and shake lightly to remove excess.

2. Apply powder in a circular motion, moving from the center of the face towards the cheekbones, chin and forehead.

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