Unusual beets: 6 beautiful dishes

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Unusual beets: 6 beautiful dishes
Unusual beets: 6 beautiful dishes

If you think that borsch, vinaigrette and herring under a fur coat are the most "star" recipes for beets, check out our selection. And cook delicious and bright!

Unusual beets: 6 beautiful dishes
Unusual beets: 6 beautiful dishes


Why not? We cook our favorite borscht according to all the rules, as mothers and grandmothers taught, and at the last moment we connect the submersible blender. A minute and a bright puree soup is ready! Do you want a diet option? Then we exclude the frying of vegetables, cook all the vegetables relying on the recipe until tender and grind in mashed potatoes. But if you like to cook strictly according to the recipe - borscht puree, as in the picture - here.


S alting red fish at home is not at all difficult, it is a very economical option to get a real delicacy on your table for quite reasonable money (just compare the cost of fresh and s alted red fish). Prepare gravlax with beets according to our recipe. Raw marinated grated beetroot gives the fish a rich raspberry color that makes the s alted fish slices even more appetizing.


These mouth-watering pastries look like chocolate has been added to them. But - no, in the recipe for muffins with beets, only grated boiled beets, it is she who is responsible for the color and - in part - for sweetness. Try it!


Snacks served in glasses, glasses, shots and other portioned glassware are called verrines. Such snacks are good because the glass does not hide the contents - they can be quickly “eaten with the eyes”. We offer a great option - verrines with couscous, salmon slices and bright beetroot cream.


A convenient snack that is suitable for both a buffet table and a regular breakfast. The recipe for Beetroot Dip is so elegantly simple that you will be pleasantly surprised.


Wow, what a bright and unusual! Beets are often used as a natural color for creams and sauces. If you want to surprise your family, add some beetroot juice to your homemade noodle batter. Success guaranteed!

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