Things that should be removed from the kitchen: 10 items that should not be there

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Things that should be removed from the kitchen: 10 items that should not be there
Things that should be removed from the kitchen: 10 items that should not be there

It can be unbearably difficult (you will forever be in our hearts, cookie basket), but then you will thank yourself for this burst of courage. The kitchen is the heart of the home and it's important to keep it he althy. We shake out from the hidden corners everything that accumulated dust and took up space. Houses for germs, blankets for cockroaches and other mi-mi-mi.

10 things that don't belong in the kitchen
10 things that don't belong in the kitchen

Dirty lips

Their service life is from two weeks to two months, depending on the frequency of use. Rinse and dry those that you rarely use at least once a week. A sponge that has lived in your kitchen for more than two months is able to come to life, wink and stretch out wet hands to you: “Feed me!”. Don't bring it on.

Cookie basket

Cookies and other - in a closed opaque container. If something is constantly in sight, it is constantly eaten up. So you spend money unnoticed by yourself. Oh, is she empty? Whoops, and the family budget has been reduced by the cost of a new pack of sweets.

Textile grocery bags (eco bags) instead of bags

Yes, yes, the environment is our everything, but how often do you wash them? Ideally, they should be washed after each arrival from the store. Get a heel, take a fresh one every time and wash as you accumulate.

Cheap box

Throw away anything you haven't used in the past year. Leave one functional item. Yes, you really don't need four corkscrews and eight bottle openers. Ah, those cute broken ballpoint pens! Of course. Where are you five if three of them do not write? So, leave only what you use, arrange it into separator cells, and you will save a lot of time and nerves.

TV and laptop

Studies show that if you're distracted while eating, your brain doesn't notice when you're full, so you're more likely to overeat.

Bowl and drinker for your pet

No, you don't need to hang a lock on the mouth of your favorite animal, but it's better not to feed him in the kitchen. Leftover food attracts cockroaches, ants and mice. There is another way: wash the bowl immediately after feeding your beloved pet.

Your handbag

The worst thing you can do is bring a colony of germs from public places into your kitchen and let them come into contact with food. Leave your bag in the hallway.

White plates for white food

Funny, studies show that when people put rice or pasta on white plates, the serving increases by an average of 20% compared to black plates.

Cookbooks you've never used

Today 40% of people find recipes online. If you are reading this text, you have the Internet. Cookbooks only take up space in the modern kitchen. You can simply take a picture of the recipes from the book that are especially valuable to you and place them in the cloud storage so that you can refer to them at any time.

Too bright light

Cooking is more fun in bright light, but eating in dim light. In bright light, people tend to eat more. Now do you understand why everything is so shiny in fast food chains? If you eat in the kitchen, put on a dimmer (aka dimmer) or turn off the overhead light and turn on the wall light.

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