10 Causes of Acne You Didn't Know About

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10 Causes of Acne You Didn't Know About
10 Causes of Acne You Didn't Know About

You watch the amount of sweets in your diet, clean your skin properly, honestly apply a product for problem skin, but they don't give up? You may find the reason below.

10 Causes of Pimples You Didn't Know About
10 Causes of Pimples You Didn't Know About


If you carry it not in your pocket, but in your bag - especially. Every time you text or check your email, you leave on the screen all the bacteria that got on your hands. If the phone is in your pocket, taking it out, you wipe the screen on a cloth, and in a bag or on a table, the phone is literally shrouded in a bacterial layer. And sebum mixed with foundation and powder, which also remain on the screen after you have talked on the phone, is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Voila…


When this vital vitamin is no longer supplied to the body, the immune system is the first to react. And that small bacterium, which in a normal situation the immune system would kill immediately, gets a chance to survive. In short, do not neglect the morning sun or take vitamin pills.


Minerals and disinfectants found in running water shift your skin's PH towards more acidic. The lipid barrier on the surface is destroyed, the skin is defenseless against any external aggression. Another scenario: microparticles of these minerals get stuck in the pores and react with sebum. Tadam: meet your new pimple. Your saviors are a facial toner or drinking bottled water for washing.


We will surprise you: the mechanism is very close to the one described above. Coffee also leads to the formation of an acidic environment in the body, and therefore on the surface of the skin. In addition, coffee disrupts the intestinal microflora, and ordinary foods begin to be poorly digested, decomposing into toxic substances.


When the lights go out, skin cells re-arrange themselves into "repair and fix everything that's broken" mode. If you stay up late on your favorite TV series or hang out on the Internet, there is very little time left for the cells to repair. Explain further?


If you carefully read point 3, you already understood everything. Yes, it is the tonic that will return the normal PH balance to the skin and will not allow any abomination to multiply in your pores.


It's not like we're advising you to use the same foundation all your life, but… If you're generally satisfied with the effect of a product, stay true to it. Each change is a stress for the skin, to which it reacts understandably.


This is a twist! But the more diligently and deeper you cleanse the pores, the deeper the access to the skin layers the bacteria get. You yourself are laying the route for them!


Especially the ones you use to blend foundation. Fat, nutrient medium, that's it. Made up? Wash your brushes and sponges thoroughly and with soap! Better yet, apply makeup with your fingers.


Thank God, not all, but only those containing avobenzone. Check the label and replace the product if you find this comedogenic enemy on the ingredient list. Source: cosmo.ru, photo: Fotoimedia.

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