How to fix your child car seat

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How to fix your child car seat
How to fix your child car seat

Crumbs, sticky fingers, spilled juice and unidentified flying smells - parents hate it. However, even a clean-looking child seat accumulates a significant amount of germs after about five rides. We tell you how to properly clean child car seats with your own hands.

How to clean a child car seat
How to clean a child car seat

Who is to blame?

Yes, baby car seats are a lot dirtier than you think. A recent study showed that it collects twice as many germs as the average toilet. The comparison is a little worn out, but no less true (probably, in the Paris Chamber of Weights and Measures it is already time to put a reference toilet bowl under a glass vacuum bell as a sample of pollution). 5 myths about kids traveling in cars.

So, samples from 20 cars driven by children contained at least 100 potentially dangerous bacteria and fungi per square centimeter. This was discovered by scientists from the University of Birmingham. Don't ask me how, but along the way, they found out that in their owners' homes, toilet rims are twice as clean.

Cleaning child car seats

What to do?

Let's move on to practical tips for cleaning out this hotbed of anxiety and germs. To clean your child's car seat yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Read the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning your child car seat. Sometimes the covers can be removed and machine washed, sometimes by hand (yes, all by myself).
  2. Wipe plastic parts with a damp cloth and heavily soiled surfaces with dish detergent or car interior shampoo. No, no, no bleach.
  3. When vacuuming the car, lift and clean all floor mats. The collection of crumbs below them could support a small biological colony of protozoa during their flight to Mars.
  4. Use vacuum cleaners with long nozzles to clean between chairs.
  5. Sticky rollers for cleaning clothes will save you from wool and hair in the chair and salon.

And a good scandal after cleaning will help shake things up: “So, I didn’t understand, whose long red hair is on the roller? Who did you carry? - Darling, we have a collie, don't you forget? - Don't shirk!"

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