MakSim boasted of her first-grader daughter

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MakSim boasted of her first-grader daughter
MakSim boasted of her first-grader daughter

The singer shared with fans photos from one of the most important days of her daughter Sasha's life. The girl went to the first grade this year.

MakSim boasted of a first-grader daughter

Singer MakSim posted photos of her eldest daughter Alexandra on Instagram. The celebrity shared with her fans the news about how the girl is going to first grade. She also posted some pictures from Knowledge Day. The singer's subscribers wished her daughter a successful school year and noted how much the baby has grown.

Marina (real name of the artist) said that she sent Sashenka to an ordinary public comprehensive school. For a young mother, the decisive factor in choosing an educational institution was a wide range of additional classes, the presence of sports clubs and, of course, a strong teaching staff.

Recall that MakSim brings up two daughters - the eldest Alexandra from her ex-husband, sound engineer Alexey Lugovtsov, and 10-month-old Maria, who the singer carefully hides from journalists. According to the latest data, the artist gave birth to the youngest child from businessman Anton Petrov. The artist herself does not make any comments about her personal life.

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