10 stars who have had successful plastic surgery

10 stars who have had successful plastic surgery
10 stars who have had successful plastic surgery

"Horror stories" about how plastic surgery can disfigure the face, we hear regularly. But in fairness it should be noted that the work of the surgeon not only did not spoil some stars, but helped build a successful career and gain self-confidence.

10 stars who made a successful plastic surgery
10 stars who made a successful plastic surgery

Many celebrities were far from beautiful before the advances in plastic surgery honed their appearance to perfection. New cheekbones, a new nose and a new smile made the stars what they are today. It is about successful celebrity plastic surgery that will be discussed in our material.



The name Megan Fox for millions of people around the world is a symbol of sexuality and female attractiveness. In fact, Megan is a girl whose beauty was given to her not by nature, but by a good surgeon. We can safely say that the actress "made herself", having thought through her image to the smallest detail. Rhinoplasty, correction of the shape of the lips and cheekbones, a change in the chin - all these numerous manipulations turned the “simple” Megan into a stunning screen star. By the way, Fox received her starring role in the film "Transformers" only when she changed so much in herself. And what, a good example of plastic surgery.


Everyone knows that Angelina Jolie's sensual lips are a gift from nature. But the Hollywood beauty successfully corrected everything else! Firstly, Angie did rhinoplasty - the tip of the actress's nose became noticeably sleeker, and the bridge of her nose became thinner. Secondly, in their youth, the cheekbones of the star were less prominent, and the reason for this was not a sharp weight loss, but the virtuoso work of the surgeon. The plastic surgery of the actress was so successful that many fans still do not believe in their reality!


Singer Katie Topuria does not hide the fact that she was not very pleased with her large nose. True, the star is a little cunning when she says that she did rhinoplasty solely for medical reasons: “I was breathing very badly - the nasal septum was curved. After the first operation, the tip of the nose dropped a little, and I still breathed very badly. Therefore, we had to remove the hump as well.” It's hard to believe that such drastic changes were needed just for the sake of a deviated septum!


Blake Lively's career and her reputation as one of the most attractive young stars might not have happened if the actress had not decided on rhinoplasty and chin correction in her youth. Blake made the bridge of her nose noticeably thinner, and her chin, which was once too long (according to Lively herself, of course), now looks just perfect. Another successful plasticity of the stars.


Ksenia Sobchak is another celebrity who had problems with the nasal septum and breathing (this diagnosis is very common among stars for a known reason). The result of this purely medical procedure (oh yes! we believe!) is a neat nose shape that can only be envied.

ASHLEY Simpson

Ashlee Simpson used to be the owner of a long hooked nose, but successfully solved this problem with the help of surgery. By the way, rhinoplasty is not the only intervention that Ashley's appearance has undergone - the star has also changed the shape of her chin. We think that now Simpson has become much prettier!


Actress Scarlett Johansson categorically denies any surgical intervention, but you do not need to be too picky and attentive to notice that rhinoplasty did take place. In her youth, Scarlett's nose bridge was much wider than it is now, when her nose looks very graceful. The changes really worked, so why hide it?


What we love Victoria Beckham for is honesty! The star never hid the obvious - she did plastic surgery, and more than once. Of course, Vicki did rhinoplasty - this can be seen with the naked eye. In addition, at 41, the star's face looks perfectly smooth - not a single wrinkle. Beckham herself does not hide that she is a fan of Botox injections and does not see anything shameful in this. Everything is good in moderation - on the example of the designer and the ex-peppercorn, we are once again convinced of this.


Demi Moore's face has undergone many changes - it seems that at 30 years old the star had more facial wrinkles than at 52 years old. It is not for nothing that the star looks like the sister of her own daughters! At the beginning of her career, Demi underwent surgery to correct strabismus (yes, yes!), Then nose correction followed, as well as operations to change the shape of the cheeks and chin that were barely noticeable to the layman. By the way, Moore enlarged her breasts several times - for the film "Striptease" the star inserted silicone "balls" that looked unnatural. And after some time, she took advantage of the achievements of modern medicine and achieved a much more attractive bust shape.


Like many celebrities, Cameron Diaz worked on the shape of her nose and made the bridge of her nose thinner and more elegant. True, the actress had a problem not with a septum, but allegedly a “sports injury”, after which she had to decide on rhinoplasty. Sometimes Cameron removes mimic wrinkles with the help of well-known injections - but which celebrity is not fond of this? Source: cosmo.ru.

What successful examples of celebrity plastics do you remember?

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