Doomsday: how to clean up after a party

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Doomsday: how to clean up after a party
Doomsday: how to clean up after a party

Yesterday was a lot of fun: dancing until the morning and champagne by the river! And today, the face looks like you were bitten by bees … You will have to take emergency measures - which ones, read in our material.

Doomsday: how to clean up after a party
Doomsday: how to clean up after a party

Of course, you know that alcohol and lack of sleep negatively affect the condition of the skin, and you try to comply with the measure, but who doesn’t happen, oops … Fortunately, cosmetology has already stepped so far that the consequences of a lot of fun can be eliminated for minutes.


The first emergency aid for swelling of the face is washing with cold water. Therefore, on the day of judgment, when you do not look your best, start the morning with this procedure. But remember that such a drastic measure is not suitable for daily use! Usually the water you wash your face with should be at room temperature around 25 degrees. If your goal is to quickly remove puffiness, then you can, as an exception, wipe the skin with ice cubes or wash your face with very cold water. Brr!

In order to prolong the effect of freshness and moisture, use thermal water or an express mask. Of the new products, for example, Aurealux Mask from Dolce & Gabbana, which contains vitamin E and olive oil, is suitable. The product should be used within 10 minutes - the skin will become noticeably more elastic, and you will be ready to apply makeup.

If you are in a hurry and do not even have 10 minutes to make a mask, you can quickly clean yourself up with a restorative balm. Clarins has such a tool - Baume Beauté Eclair. It is specially formulated to stimulate tired skin and restore complexion. Olive and witch hazel extracts even out the surface of the skin, making fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

Restore a he althy complexion and skin elasticity will also help Darphin's Vitalskin Energy Anti-Fatigue Serum, which is 96% natural ingredients and has a very light, almost watery texture. Apply the serum the morning after the party, after washing with cold water, and you can be calm - your face will return to normal in a matter of minutes.


Of course, you can go the proven route (which doesn't work, by the way) and put cucumber rings over your eyes. But we offer a more effective and modern option - special patches for bags and puffiness.

This product typically contains hyaluronic acid, B vitamins and plant extracts. You just need to stick a patch under the eyes and leave for 15-20 minutes. By the way, you can use the product not only at critical moments, but also regularly - the delicate skin around the eyes will be very grateful to you!

Try Patchology Tired Eye Patches, which use microcurrents to deliver beauty ingredients to the areas of skin that need the most support and renewal right now.

Prodigy Powercell patches from Helena Rubinstein also instantly relieve swelling. These pads are made from bio-cellulose, a dense network of fibers that has a soothing and regenerating effect.

Another no less effective option is Elemis eye pads with a quick lifting effect. These patches eliminate puffiness and help fight fine lines.


Alas, but if you don't get enough sleep, then you won't be able to completely get rid of dark circles under the eyes without using decorative cosmetics. No wonder Sophia Loren goes to bed at 8 pm! This is clearly not your option? Then use concealers.

If after a stormy night you have only barely noticeable circles, then you can not resort to drastic measures and use a product that contains a minimum of coloring pigment. YSL's Forever Light Creator Fluid is ideal for this task, a very light product that evens out skin tone and eliminates signs of fatigue.

With more noticeable problems, Givenchy's versatile Mister Light Stick will save you. It has a pleasant non-greasy texture and does not roll into fine wrinkles. With it, you can both paint over circles under the eyes, and mask any minor imperfections in the skin of the face.

And finally, if yesterday you were really the queen of the party, and did not close your eyes at night, you will have to pay for it and connect heavy artillery! Our favorite is Bobby Brown's 2-step dark circle concealment system.

The makeup artist has developed a system for applying concealers that gives a visible result. Start with a moisturizing eye cream to prepare your skin for subsequent application of products. Then use a concealer to neutralize dark under-eye tones and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Over it, apply a concealer based on yellow pigment, which will even out the skin color under the eyes with the overall complexion.

And yet, remember that the best friends of your beauty are proper nutrition and he althy sleep, so we hope that you will not resort to emergency measures too often! Based on materials from, photo: pixbay, archive DO.

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