5 things you shouldn't wear on a first date

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5 things you shouldn't wear on a first date
5 things you shouldn't wear on a first date

Every woman knows that a first date outfit is truly strategic. Finding out what things are better to leave at home in the closet before meeting the Man of Dreams.

5 things you shouldn't wear on a first date
5 things you shouldn't wear on a first date

So, your eyes met by chance during a Sunday run in the park, or maybe your friends introduced you at a recent housewarming party, or maybe he just got tired of playing "peepers" during lunch in the office cafeteria and he decided- still invite you to dinner in a more pleasant place. And now you are nervously thinking about what kind of outfit to win His heart, while at the same time sending a “selfie” for the approval of your best friend. Before you make your final selection, make sure to exclude the following 5 items from the finalists!


Many men choose democratic cafes or restaurants for the first informal meeting, so as not to embarrass the potential chosen one. Of course, you definitely need to impress him with your exquisite taste and knowledge of all the latest fashion trends already on the first date, but just imagine how you will look in an origami outfit of “independent Japanese designers” in a coffee shop or walking along the Moskva River embankment!


Sporty style elements in casual looks have been relevant for several seasons in a row, but you should not overdo it with their number, unless your date is in the gym, and the subject of your interest is not a fitness trainer. We play on contrasts - sneakers with a dress, a sweatshirt with pumps, sports-style trousers with rough-soled loafers.


Oversize (that is, things of a larger size) has not gone out of fashion for many seasons, and lately the hypersize trend has become increasingly popular. The latter invites us to wear things of monstrous volumes, which does not please men at all. However, a dress that looks like a sausage casing is unlikely to be appropriate on a first date, so remember the golden rule again - everything is good in moderation - and put on skinny jeans for an oversized shirt in a men's style.


If you have decided in advance for yourself that communication with this particular man can result in an exclusively non-binding relationship, you can safely get a transparent blouse from the wardrobe with a neckline that smoothly turns into a slit on a miniskirt. If your goal is more serious, but at the same time you want to look seductive, keep the balance - complement the off-the-shoulder top with skinny jeans or cigarette trousers, and a short skirt and shorts with a sweatshirt or kimono blouse.


No, men definitely love heels and how they change our figure. But striptease shoes or sandals with 15 cm stilettos will not allow you to walk around the city after coffee or dance. In addition, most men openly admit that too high heels, because of which the girl cannot move normally, only annoy them, so choose proven shoes or sandals, from the “height” of which you definitely won’t fall! Source: cosmo.ru.

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