Why it's good to have a daughter: 10 good reasons

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Why it's good to have a daughter: 10 good reasons
Why it's good to have a daughter: 10 good reasons

“It's a girl!” the ultrasound doctor solemnly proclaims, and you wonder - is it really that great? We assure you, it's great, and here's why.

10 reasons why it's good to be a girl's mom

Reason 1

Finally, you can buy "girl" clothes with a clear conscience - everything is lacy, shiny, pink and generally as colorful as possible. And with the decoration and interior of the children's room, you will finally come off!

Reason 2

When your daughter becomes a teenager, you will involuntarily begin to dress in a more youthful style: while waiting for her from the fitting room, buy something for yourself anyway, so as not to die of boredom. And, of course, things that she quickly gets bored of will migrate to your closet - do not throw away jeans for such a price!

Reason 3

Combing a girl's hair is not the same as combing a boy's hair! The girl is likely to agree to long hair, and curls, and complex pigtails from videos, and a hundred more hairstyle options. And the boy - depends on his character.

Reason 4

You will understand the current makeup trends: eyebrows should be exactly this width and shape, and nails - just that shade of brown. And if you're lucky, they'll even give you a manicure!

Reason 5

You can hug, squeeze, kiss and cherish her in every way. Well, at least you will be allowed to do this until puberty, or even longer. The boy can allow you too - but far from a fact.

Reason 6

You will not hesitate to buy huge plush cats, mermaid dolls and baby dolls with an immense wardrobe and other dowry. And you will play all this with great passion - even if your daughter herself prefers a prefabricated railway.

Reason 7

Daughter will help you improve your relationship with your own mother. Now you will be able to communicate with her not from the position of a child, but as an adult, like the same mother of a girl. And if you can really deal with resentment, disappointment and expectations, then everything will turn out well with your adult daughter, because you will learn to see her as a person, and not your continuation.

Reason 8

We can look at the husband a little differently. Because such an unconditional delight that he causes in your daughter is simply obliged to have some serious reasons. Dad is the strongest, smartest, knows everything and knows how! Suddenly you yourself forgot about it a little.

Reason 9

You will be surprised to see how the world has changed and how many new opportunities it offers women. And all because the daughter will say: she wants to become not a princess, but an astronaut, a rock climber, a pilot or, in extreme cases, a famous director.

Reason 10

Thanks to your daughter, you will master such convincing arguments as “Well, because I really, really like it!” and “This is the best unicorn in the world!”, and learn to look cute while doing it.

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