15 things he wants from you in bed

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15 things he wants from you in bed
15 things he wants from you in bed

Expert, life coach, psychologist and sexologist Alex May talks about the things every man dreams of. Take note!

15 things he expects from you in bed

FEEDBACK. Men cannot read minds and guess what a woman is experiencing - whether she is pleased or not, if you do not show yourself in any way

EMOTIONS. Girls who do not hide their feelings are remembered for a long time! Anyone can lie down, try to open up

DIRTY TALK. But be careful, not all men accept it. It is better to unobtrusively find out his opinion before sex. If he is for - go ahead

SOUND ACCORDING. Try moaning without holding back. Everything connected with sounds turns men on unrealistically. So why don't women enjoy it

ATTENTION TO HIM. The main thing here is that the man also gives feedback, and does not lie silently. You need to understand at what point to stop or slow down. Look at his face, pick up non-verbal signals, don't stop if he feels good. But when, during a blowjob, it seems to be fed back from you with your pelvis, this is a “stop!” signal

SPECTACLE. Men really love with their eyes. We love to look at the bodies of our lovers and have sex with them in the light, or at least by candlelight

PASSING. The man taught himself that all his pleasure is concentrated on the first two centimeters of his dignity. And it doesn't even occur to a woman to properly examine other parts of the male body. But in vain! Yes, his chest is not as sensitive as yours, but try slowly stroking it with your whole hand! Pay attention to his testicles and buttocks

EXPERIMENTS. If you have nothing against anal sex, it's worth a try! And so that it doesn’t hurt, ask him to gently massage the area around the anus for twenty minutes, and then slowly and gradually with a finger, richly lubricated with lubricant, go through two muscle rings of the sphincter so that they gradually relax and open. When penetrating, hold him by the hips and control the depth and intensity yourself

PROSTATE MASSAGE. With the right stimulation, it will definitely help your partner achieve a super orgasm. In addition, it is very useful for its reproductive function

FINGERS IN MOUTH. His or mine, soaked in their own lubricant. Despite the simplicity of the technique, this is a very powerful sexual gesture that absolutely all men like without any exceptions. Check it out

DIFFERENT TEMP. You need to change the rhythm of the blowjob after 10-15 seconds, because even the coolest technique becomes boring if you use it for 20 seconds in a row

HOME PORN. The mere thought of this instantly turns anyone on. Come up with a script and drop the complexes

SEX TOYS. You probably consider the vibrator your secret and use it when he is away. But try to play with the vibrator and his cock - he will experience a vivid orgasm

MASTURBATION. Feel free to pretend you are alone and don't forget to moan. And then you are a pornstar in his eyes

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