How to transport a dog in a car: 10 rules

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How to transport a dog in a car: 10 rules
How to transport a dog in a car: 10 rules

Summer continues, and you are probably still waiting for family trips to the country or barbecue. With all our care and love for our little brothers, we remind you that these tips for transporting animals in a car continue to be relevant.

10 tips for successful car trips with animals
10 tips for successful car trips with animals

How to transport animals in a car

Water and fresh air

Cats and dogs overheat very quickly in cars. Even in cool weather, the sun's rays can heat up the interior. Drinking water and regular stops to "walk under the bush" are essential for the comfortable transportation of animals in the car.

A piece of home

Animals will endure the trip more calmly if they have their usual items with them: homemade bedding, familiar food, and even preferably their own, not camping bowls. Take care of the first aid kit for your pet, this is often neglected in a hurry: “Yes, there’s nothing to go there!”.

Shaded parking

Estimate where the shadow will fall after a few hours of parking. Do not leave your pet in the car unattended, even for a few minutes. Do not increase the stress on the animal. It is also better to have a snack in the car.


Plan in advance where to stop along the way and where, God forbid, to seek veterinary care. Assume that in the nervous environment of a Sunday traffic jam, it will most likely be difficult for you to independently remember where the nearest hospital is.

To prevent motion sickness

Eat a minimum, light meal before the trip, a few hours before departure. On a hot day, take a thermos with ice cubes. So you will quickly relieve thirst and relieve the symptoms of motion sickness than plain water. Water, however, this also does not cancel.

Volt, stick your head out the window

No! Dogs love to ride in cars with their heads out, but this is dangerous. Cigarette butts, rubble, just dust and a cold from the cold air in the lungs can ruin a trip.

Breakdown on the road?

Keep your pet in the car. Reduce exits to pee to a minimum and then - strictly accompanied by the owners. Escape from fear, trauma. No, no need to tempt fate.


With your mobile number. How not to lose a pet.

Fuss in the cabin

Restrict the movement of the animal in the cabin. This, of course, is very touching when it sits in front in the position of the navigator, but in the event of a fright, it will interfere with the control and provoke an accident even more. And a deployed airbag can simply kill him even at low speed.

Seat belts for transporting animals in the car

Get a harness for your dog. They are available in the form of harnesses with attachments to the belt buckles in the car. Remember that a net in the cabin or a hammock in the back seat does not save the animal from injury. Find a secure belt. And small dogs (as well as cats) can feel safer in a spacious, closed carrier with their own blanket.

Have a nice holiday! And let the animals feel comfortable in the car.

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