Signs of lack of sleep: 10 symptoms of chronic lack of sleep

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Signs of lack of sleep: 10 symptoms of chronic lack of sleep
Signs of lack of sleep: 10 symptoms of chronic lack of sleep

One more episode to find out who will be born to them, another half an hour on the social network, because Masha is so worried about this idiot, the last comment on FB - and immediately go to sleep! Familiar? Even if you do not yawn all day and work at full strength, do not think that you are just the only one who needs 5 hours of sleep to fully recover. Test yourself: if you agree with two or more items from our list - you have chronic sleep deprivation!

10 signs of sleep deprivation you may not notice
10 signs of sleep deprivation you may not notice

1. Your appetite has increased

And you are not drawn to salads and fruits at all. You can't resist fried potatoes, you're haunted by the thought of pork chop, and desserts have become an obsession in general, although you usually don't mind sweet things. The thing is that with a lack of sleep, the body reduces the production of the hormone leptin: a satiety signal. And you can't get enough.

2. You are gaining weight

Direct consequence of the first point. And chronic lack of sleep. Even if you restrain yourself and watch your diet, you still gain a kilogram or two a month. This is due to a slow metabolism: with lack of sleep, the metabolism becomes less intense, the body is lazy, and fats do not break down, but are deposited on the stomach and hips.

3. You have become irritable

You get pissed off by little things, loud noises irritate you, bus schedule delays drive you crazy, and what used to be cute chatter between your colleagues at lunchtime has become idiotic stupid nonsense. This is your nervous system trying to get through to you and beg for a long-awaited rest!

4. You have become forgetful

Before, you easily kept a to-do list for the day in your head, congratulated your friends on their birthdays in time, and knew exactly what they came to the kitchen for. Now you can’t remember where you put the keys a minute ago, write yourself kilometer lists, otherwise you will forget what you were going to do, and if it weren’t for good Facebook, half of your friends would be offended that you didn’t congratulate them on the holiday. It's just that your psyche cuts off everything that is not urgently needed, and a lot of details fall out of focus.

5. It became difficult for you to make a choice

You are trying on a dress for the fifth time and you can't figure out if it fits well. You refused to cook pasta for dinner because you still haven't decided which recipe is best. You looked at the poster for an hour, but you still didn’t choose the movie you want to watch, and you stayed at home. Due to fatigue, the brain is simply unable to evaluate all the pros and cons of each option.

6. You have become clumsy

You get bruised because you constantly bump into sharp corners while pouring coffee, you will definitely spill boiling water on the table, your phone pops out of your hands as if it were alive, and in the subway you keep bumping on people who strive to step under your feet. Lack of sleep reduces motor function and kills concentration, rest and it will pass! You should be especially careful if you are driving.

7. You have become a crybaby

A romantic comedy, a colleague's story about a sister's marriage, a flood in Asia, or news of a cold snap - any little thing can bring you to tears. This is another symptom of sleep deprivation, don't ignore it!

8. You began to constantly catch a cold

During sleep, our body produces special substances - cytokines, which strengthen the immune system. If every sneeze within a 5-meter radius causes you to have a runny nose and cough, and then one cold smoothly turns into another, go to bed!

9. You began to see worse

You squint more often to read the sign, sometimes you see double, and you also begin to notice that everything around you is like a light haze. These eye muscles do not have time to recover and spasm due to constant lack of sleep.

10. You have lost interest in sex

Nature is wise: if the body is depleted, it will not be able to conceive and bear a he althy child. This means that you are not supposed to have any sex, and the arousal mechanisms will turn off. Go to bed (in every sense) and sleep! Wake up well-rested - your libido will also wake up!

How much sleep do you need to restore the body, you ask?

Calculate yourself. Do you know how many hours of sleep you need to feel rested? Lack of sleep is compensated on an hour-by-hour basis. That is, if your norm is 8 hours a day, and you slept for 6 hours during weekdays, you have accumulated 10 hours of lack of sleep. You can sleep all Saturday!

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