Fear Nothing: 13 Rules for a Strong Woman's Life

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Fear Nothing: 13 Rules for a Strong Woman's Life
Fear Nothing: 13 Rules for a Strong Woman's Life

There are a million lists of rules on the Internet that we supposedly should live by. The problem is that they are designed for some kind of superman who does not know a moment of weakness. The wonderful psychologist Polina Gaverdovskaya wrote a very simple and true text about what is really important to remember on those days when you give up.

Fear Nothing: 13 Rules for a Strong Woman's Life


1. One day you will realize that you are left alone. In fact, you have always been alone, but this understanding usually lags behind. Parents die, husbands change, lovers change, children grow up. Or you yourself leave them, because they are now strangers. What worked yesterday is broken. No matter what happens, remember: loneliness is always behind you, like winter. Maturity is the ability to be alone without dramatizing. It's better to prepare in advance, I'll tell you how.

2. All but close relatives can be replaced. No one and nothing happens in one copy. Let new people into your life, even if you don’t yet understand if you have something in common. One day you will realize that you are left alone, and this will save you.

3. Always try new things: food, clothes, routes, gadgets, activities, movies, books, theories and explanations of the universe. The brain is made of lazy gum. The farther, the more he wants to bend in the same places, the rest of his convolutions tend to disappear. Don't let him cling to the same things, pleasures, ways, ways and tricks. Always try new things, especially when you are lazy, scared or don't feel like it. One day you will realize that you are left alone, and this will save you.

4. Forgive everyone you can, forget the rest. Forgetfulness is the best punishment and the best medicine. And never argue with anyone, better get a manicure.

5. There is no hurry. Everything that happens quickly does not last long. If you really want something, do it. If you didn't want it, then it wasn't necessary. Postpone risky desires and actions, letting them “rest in bed”. Do something that you are not sure about, only if the desire relentlessly haunts you for a long time.

6. This item complements the previous one: if you really want something and you think it's right, do it. Desires are life. Let the desire live inside and follow it. If not gone, follow him.

7. Don't give up as long as you want something. Luck is experience, that is, the number of repetitions. Any failure is a lack of experience and is compensated by experience. Courage and risk is experience. What sometimes looks like utter arrogance is an experience. Resilience, tolerance, forgiveness, resilience and independence are all experiences. The main thing is not to give up until you want something.

8. Nothing is the end, not even the end: everything is just a flow. Remember this in despair, in grief, at the grave of a friend, reading a letter from a loved one who left you. There will certainly be a day when you will say: “And for the better!” (especially for loved ones). Nothing is the end: one day you will realize that you are alone, and this thought will save you.

9. Nothing is the end, but the end is near. And it is more useful to think that it is tomorrow. Then it's easier to follow all these rules of a strong woman.

10. Do whatever you want, but take care of your body, otherwise it will suddenly retaliate against you. Get into the habit of asking what it wants and doing it. If you've never listened to the body and don't know how it talks, start with simple things like walking in the woods, swimming, or yoga. Then everything will happen by itself: the body is waiting to be heard. 21 steps to happiness and he alth.

11. Romance, love and passion are wonderful. But if you confuse them with sex, you can stay without it for a long time. And this is stupid and harmful. Make sure you have sex. Let romance and love come and find you in bed with a new lover.

12. The last thing to worry about is what people will think of you. People think mostly about themselves, but also about you, measuring by yourself. That is, they do not think about you or about each other. Do what you want and see point 7.

13. Be afraid of confidence. Confidence is the beginning of insanity. Doubt, allow other options, leave open escape routes for yourself and others. I doubt every point that I wrote. But right now, I think I'll leave everything as it is. One day I'll be alone and see if all this can save me.

P. S. This is the only point of the 13 rules of a strong woman that I have no doubt about: take care of your friends.Friends are the only thing worth accumulating (I manage so far). One day I will understand that I was left alone, and my friends will immediately rush in and say: you are completely stunned, you have us. And it's true:) Source: cosmo.ru, photo: fotomedia.

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