5 Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress

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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress
5 Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress

Feeling so screwed up at work that you're about to explode? You have 5 ways to quickly and easily reduce tension.

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress
5 Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress


A simple but effective way. Make a list and go through it without getting distracted or loading up your “what else do I have to do?” head. This way you get an idea of priorities and a clear understanding of the situation. Works even when you are already very tired, nervously or physically.


Take a walk outside the office during your break to get some fresh air and disconnect from work. Even five minutes spent outdoors can help. Admire nature, the sky, greenery, breathe calmly and remember that there is life outside the office.

LOOK AT THE CUTE, Kawaii Animals

Like you need an excuse, huh? But it's a fact, looking at pictures of mi-mi-mi puppies and kittens for a few minutes can relieve stress and help balance your emotions. No, we are talking about minutes. No, this is not a reason to sit in Odnoklassniki for hours, and you should not refer to this article in a dispute with the leadership.


There are foods that improve your background mood, and reviewing your daily diet can help you fairly quickly. Look for foods high in omega-3 fats. Yes, fatty salmon is for you. Eat more vitamin C (citrus fruits). Include micronutrient-rich nuts, eggs, kale, spinach, beans, lentils, and chickpeas in your diet.


We are serious. Deep breathing and good stretches help clear your head and relieve tension. So when you've had enough, find yourself a secluded place (even a toilet, for lack of another) and try this simple exercise.

Step your feet shoulder-width apart, arms relaxed along your body, keep your head straight, looking straight ahead. Close your eyes and take a full deep breath while raising your palms up along the body to shoulder level. Then spread your palms to the sides, stretching as much as possible and then lift up. As you lower your arms, exhale slowly. Repeat three times.

Have a nice and peaceful day!

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