Anfisa Chekhova arranged a grand celebration for her husband's anniversary

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Anfisa Chekhova arranged a grand celebration for her husband's anniversary
Anfisa Chekhova arranged a grand celebration for her husband's anniversary

The TV presenter organized a celebration in honor of her husband Guram Bablishvili in just two days. The actor was sure that he was going to celebrate his birthday in the family circle, but he got to a fun surprise party in his honor.

Anfisa Chekhova arranged a grand celebration for the anniversary of her husband

Last Saturday, TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova congratulated her husband, actor Guram Bablishvili, happy birthday. According to the celebrity, she and her husband never really celebrated his name day with guests, a surprise party and numerous gifts. As Anfisa told the magazine "7 days", she organized this event in just 2 days!

The anniversary for Guram began with a tender congratulation from his wife on Instagram, where she posted his photo with a sincere and very touching comment. “My beloved macho @gurambablishvili, it’s so good that you were born on this very day and became who you are! You will never get bored with you, it’s not scary to turn your back on you, you can conquer the world with you or just lie on the couch and do nothing! With you I can be who I am! You share my views and my Universe! With you calmly and reliably! It's fun and unexpected with you every day! Be happy! And let all directors of the world see your Talent! You are worthy of Great roles and Great Accomplishments!!! I love you,”the TV presenter admitted (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved).

According to Anfisa, initially she and her husband were going to celebrate his anniversary in a very narrow circle with his parents and little son Solomon, but the celebrity had his own plans in this regard. In just two days, with the help of Chekhov's friends, she was able to find a restaurant for the party, call all her husband's friends and relatives and order a birthday cake in the form of a film, which takes at least a week to make. But the efforts of the TV presenter brought results - everything was ready on time.

The intrigue was kept to the last. Anfisa managed to lure her husband and son to a restaurant under the pretext of the actor's acquaintance with director Marius Weisberg. When the birthday man with the baby entered the hall, they saw the guests who shouted in chorus: “Happy birthday!”. According to the TV presenter, both Guram and little Solomon were discouraged by such an unexpected turn of events.

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