7 laundry and maintenance mistakes that will quickly ruin your sheets

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7 laundry and maintenance mistakes that will quickly ruin your sheets
7 laundry and maintenance mistakes that will quickly ruin your sheets

You spend a lot of time on sheets (a third of your life, if you think about it). So you probably want them to last longer and last longer?

7 surefire ways to kill a sheet
7 surefire ways to kill a sheet

You are putting too many kits in the machine

Large items such as sheets and duvet covers should move freely in the drum of both the washer and dryer. When they are not cramped, they wash better and do not get tangled. Machines with large drums can probably hold two sets, but if you take a tangled wad out of the drum each time, wash one set at a time.

Before drying in the same machine or when transferring to the dryer, separate and shake sheets. This will prevent overheating of the twisted fibers of the fabric and their premature destruction. For washer dryers, it is better to stop the cycle after spinning, straighten and only then dry.

You are using the intensive wash cycle

In some models of machines there is a special mode "Bedding". In all other cases, it is better to use a regular wash instead of a quick or intensive wash. At the same time, it is better to wash in hotter water than usual. Especially if your family has allergies.

You dry your sheets too long and overheat when drying

To avoid shrinkage and minimize wrinkles, select a low temperature setting and an automatic drying cycle (so it will stop when the sensors indicate that the laundry is dry, and not when the timer goes off). Overdrying ruins the fabric.

You don't change your sheets for a long time

It is best to change sheets weekly or at least once every two weeks. If you use them for too long, the fabric may not be able to regain its shape when washed and dried, but will remain stretched and most likely tear in one wash.

You sleep with your makeup on

Yes, yes, not only does your skin suffer, but your pillowcases get dirtier than usual. In addition, lotions can leave greasy stains, and some facials can discolor the pattern on bedding. Go to bed with clean skin when the cream has absorbed and change pillowcases regularly.

You don't fold laundry before storage

This is not just a tradition or a whim of your grandmother. If you are used to throwing the ball from the sheets into the closet, then this, of course, looks funny, but such storage leads to faster wear of the fabric.

You don't use pillowcases and mattress covers

These extra layers not only keep pillows and mattresses clean, but also soften wear on sheets and pillowcases. Friction is reduced, linen stays free of pilling and wears out less.

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