How to improve the balcony?

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How to improve the balcony?
How to improve the balcony?

What to do when the weather is bad outside and you don't want to leave the house at all? We offer to turn your own balcony into a summerhouse.

Throw away your old skis immediately! 7 ideas to improve the balcony
Throw away your old skis immediately! 7 ideas to improve the balcony

The most important thing is to decide where to put old trash, skis and tools from the balcony. If you can handle this task, the rest of the design is a pleasure!


So, you will need a mattress (you can put it directly on the floor), a lot of different pillows (from a sofa, armchair, sleeping and decorative ones) and an LED garland. Hang it around the perimeter of the balcony, and a cozy area for romantic gatherings is ready!

And this option is for those whose balcony area does not allow even a single mattress to be placed.

Folding table, which is attached to the wall, when folded turns into a small shelf. Also a couple of folding chairs and, of course, an LED garland. She plays the main role here. By the way, if the balcony is not glazed, you can use curtains to create a more intimate atmosphere. Curtains from outdoor tents that are not afraid of rain and dampness are ideal. If they are not available, you can use a simple shower curtain.


Sometimes an unpainted wooden picket fence can be a great decorative item. Complementing the picture of the front garden are flowers on a stepladder, decorative frames hung on the "fence", a neat rug and a pair of wicker chairs.

Arranging the candles

If there is no electric light on the balcony, use more candles. They can be hung in lanterns, placed in vases on the floor, or placed on a tray on a small table. Most importantly, make sure that the wind does not blow out the flame, and the candles themselves are at a safe distance from flammable things.


Wooden pallets or pallets can be used instead of a base for a couch, and small boxes can be used as a coffee table, plant pots or convenient storage space. Untreated wood is ideal for decorating a balcony and will become not only a convenient fixture, but also a stylish detail.


There are several ways to quickly update it: lay carpet or decorative grass, small rugs and skins, and wooden flooring, consisting of square slabs that can be cut to fit the room (flooring is sold at IKEA / 1299 rub 9 pieces).


They can be placed not only on the windowsill or hung from the window frame. Under the "green corner" you can take one of the side walls of the loggia by installing a trellis or pallet. Suspended at different heights with S-hooks, planters create a whole flower picture. A wooden pallet with plant boxes inside also looks great.

Another good option for a balcony is a closet-greenhouse. The legs of the greenhouses are adjustable, so that such a cabinet can even stand on an uneven floor, and heat-loving plants will not be cold.


And finally, for lovers of romance, island tourism and those who want to achieve complete relaxation, it is proposed to supplement the balcony with two mandatory items: a comfortable fabric hammock (just do not hang a hammock on narrow balconies and first make sure the fasteners are secure!)

…and a DIY hanging minibar.

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