10 things you don't owe anyone

10 things you don't owe anyone
10 things you don't owe anyone

Whether you like it or not, the older you get, the more social debt you accumulate. Each of us owes something to someone, such is life. But some are sure that you owe them something simply on the basis that they want it so much. And they give you a list. Well, fine, so be it. We also have a list. So a woman owes nothing to anyone.

10 things you don't owe anyone
10 things you don't owe anyone


The first requirement for a woman, but what about. It is certainly easy and pleasant to be a beauty - in the event that nature has generously endowed you. And if you are 20 years old. And then beauty requires some effort, we are silent about the victims. Corsets and lead powder were abolished long ago, but in general, nothing has changed. No, if you are a big fan of the achievements of the beauty industry - that's fine, enjoy. But if this is not the case - you should not spend the priceless time of your life on endless improvements to your appearance. They just shouldn't, period.


Smile to everyone, refuse no one and in no case offend anyone. And then everyone around has such a fine spiritual organization! Transparent straight. In practice, this means that you must be comfortable. “Do not offend anyone” means not to be offended when they offend you. Yes, yes, that's how it is. It is worth fighting back, as they call you a bitch - familiar? But the question arises: if you have to be "nice", then why are those who demand it not even nice to you at all? You don't owe them anything, that's what. Be nice to those who are nice to you.


Your boyfriend probably thinks so, right? And you want to be sexy to him, which is completely natural. And what do other people have to do with your sexuality? You weren't hired to please their eyes, were you? Raise their self-esteem, excite them with a look, demonstrate a sexual appeal. Didn't get hired, right? Accordingly, they shouldn't. If you don't want to. And at the service of those who want to get excited - all the services of the modern sex industry. On the Internet, let them look at the sexy picture.


Childhood refrain - "You're a girl, you have to." Everyone has been told this, and you are no exception. The problem is that every girl is different. And what is completely natural for one, because this is the essence of her nature, for the other is martyrdom. Perhaps it seems to you that this requirement is somewhat fair, because there is a symmetrical “You must, otherwise you are not a man.” Nothing like this. To a man who does not behave like a man, many will be indulgent. He knows this, and therefore he is convinced that he owes nothing to anyone. And why should you suddenly?


About my one and only life. You are already a big girl and you are not obliged to explain to anyone why you did this and not otherwise. You have the right to make independent decisions, even if they concern not only you. But you come first, right? And here it's not about selfishness, but about the elementary protection of one's own borders. Because there are too many around who want to break these very boundaries and arrange an inventory within you. Why on earth, exactly?


About your beliefs or actions. The hardest part is your personal life, of course. Why did you leave him, he's such a good guy? Why are you not married yet, do not take you, or what? Even if questions of this kind are asked to you seemingly benevolently, you still feel guilty. Didn't live up to expectations! And you, of course, immediately want to explain to everyone around that it’s not your fault, it happened that way. There is no need to do this. There is no point in wasting a resource on people who look at you like a naughty kitten. Let them look in the mirror like that.


Everyone loves to tell the story of how they met their partner. And everyone loves to hear such stories. The problem is that for some listeners this is not enough. They crave details, not just dating, but your whole life in general. Quarreled? What did he say? And you? You answer because the person seems to be sincerely interested in not being rude to him in return. So, he is rude. Grossly invades your personal space. Let the series watch and read gossip - there is something to profit from.


There are probably people around you who devoutly believe in some idea of a right life. Vegetarianism, for example. If they have recently believed, it will not be easy for you to deal with them. There is such a thing - neophyte enthusiasm. A person who has joined any idea is so inspired by the “truth” that has been revealed to him that he wants to immediately make everyone around him happy. And with those who do not agree, he desperately argues. Perhaps it seems to you that it is easier to agree to be left behind. But it's not. You will be expected to conform to other people's beliefs - why do you need this?


You have the right to refuse anyone and anything. The problem is that this is difficult to do if you are used to always saying “Yes”. This is a rather subtle mechanism: you are afraid of offending a person, then you worry for a long time, blame yourself, think that you could have agreed, it’s okay, you would have suffered. It exhausts you so much that in the next similar situation, you say “Yes” completely automatically. Well, in vain. Who ever told you that the person you refused was so worried about this? "No" is an absolutely normal word, it will not make you worse. It doesn't describe you at all. Because you really shouldn't agree to everything-everything-everything.


You are supposed to do this and the conflict will be resolved. What if it's not exhausted? Or do you not regret your action at all? Or do you not care about getting forgiveness from this person at all? Don't apologize just because it's customary. You don't have to do this at all if you don't want to. Moreover, this can only make the situation worse. You just paid tribute to the formalities, and the person will believe that you seriously think that you were wrong. And here it is - the ground for a new conflict. And what would you add to the list “a woman owes nothing to anyone”? Source: cosmo.ru, photo: Pixbay, Fotomedia.

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