Moms protest advice not to kiss babies on the lips

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Moms protest advice not to kiss babies on the lips
Moms protest advice not to kiss babies on the lips

Child psychologist's advice about the undesirability of kissing on the lips between parents and their child made a big splash among moms in Australia. They teamed up and staged a flash mob in protest.

Moms protest advice not to kiss kids on the lips

Moms in Australia staged a flashmob against psychologist and author of parenting books Charlotte Resnick that parents should not kiss a child on the lips. The network was flooded with photos where mothers kiss their children in an unrecommended way in protest. Each of these women is confident in the absolute innocence of such a kiss and does not see anything reprehensible in this. Now, together in Australia, mothers are trying to prove to the whole world and pediatricians that kissing a child on the lips is natural.

Charlotte gave her advice to all parents back in 2010, but the backlash from the public has only recently followed. Resnick made this recommendation when she saw a photo where the famous musician and actor Harry Connick Jr. kissed his 8-year-old daughter on the lips. According to the psychologist, such manifestations of parental love confuse and disorientate the child. Children see their mothers and fathers kissing on the lips, and then their babies are born. Therefore, many girls and boys sincerely wonder what the same kiss with a parent can lead them to. In addition, Charlotte claims that a child may develop sexual interest much earlier than parents think, and a kiss on the lips further stimulates this curiosity for adult things.

Specialists in the field of child psychology did not support their colleague in this statement. So psychologist Heather Irwin-Randle reported that the writer's advice is absurd and there is nothing sexual about the process. Dr Fiona Martin from the Sydney Center for Child Psychology called Charlotte's advice outrageous. According to the doctor, it is ridiculous to think that an innocent kiss on the lips of a parent with a child can have a sexual connotation. However, Australian mothers are constantly posting new photos in protest, trying to prove the boundlessness of parental love.

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