90s fashion: how we remember it

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90s fashion: how we remember it
90s fashion: how we remember it

Trends of the 90s have definitely entered the history of fashion - jeans, multi-colored leggings, crazy bouffant, leather miniskirts… Let's remember these and other "must-haves" of the fashion of the 90s!

Fashion of the 90s: how we remember it
Fashion of the 90s: how we remember it


In the early 90s, a stream of colorful "foreign" outfits literally poured into Russia, which were previously brought by "traveling" relatives and sold secretly by speculators. We decided to take a look at the 11 most significant fashion items of the 90s and tell about them.


In fact, the brand of cult jeans of the 90s is Mawin, but the original name was changed by Russian mods in their own way, using the consonant word "malvina" in the plural. "Mavins" were a budget alternative to the main "objects of desire" - Levi's and Montana - but there weren’t enough of them for everyone, so many of them “cooked” the jeans themselves, giving them a “malvinist” look, and sometimes cunningly sewing on a branded label obtained in an unknown way.


The Iron Curtain has fallen, and the girls without exception put on a mini based on the principle "the shorter the better." In the 90s, denim skirts with white ruffle inserts, as well as leather ones, were considered a special chic. The most advanced girls of the 90s wore the latter with leather jackets. Textured tights were always worn with mini-skirts, “on the way out” - with lurex.


In almost every wardrobe in the 90s you could find at least one thing with grotesquely large shoulders. Almost all outerwear, from jackets to raincoats and coats, was distinguished by such a “highlight” 20 years ago. Denim jackets and leather jackets also had large shoulders. By the way, this trend at the end of the last century was relevant not only in Russia - the West did not bypass the "shoulders of rugby players" either.


Smooth hair, cute pigtails or, God forbid, a bun? In the 90s, it was impossible to come up with hairstyles more suitable for being considered the most unfashionable girl in the area! But real women of fashion spent half a day building huge bouffants, on which half a bottle of hairspray was poured on top. The second half of the balloon went to the bangs, which were also combed so that it “stands”.


Five years ago, it seemed to us that the fashion of the 90s in Russia had irretrievably sunk into oblivion. Well, we were wrong - the intricately woven wire "decorations" that every schoolgirl flaunted in the yard two decades ago are back in fashion today! But they're not as cheap now as they were in the 90s, so we can only regret not stocking up at the time.


90s are leggings, and leggings are 90s. It is difficult to find more direct and familiar associations for everyone - then on the streets you could meet leggings of all colors of the rainbow. Gold, silver, hot pink, dark purple, mother-of-pearl, acid rave - there was a “own” pair for every taste. Such leggings were worn both in a feast and in the world, and their combination with a printed T-shirt and "denim" was considered especially stylish.


Or not adidas - in the case of fashionable shoes in the 90s, things were the same as with jeans - "Malvins". Fashionistas and fashionistas wore any sneakers that even remotely resembled the cool original. They were worn with tracksuits (more on that below) or with a denim total look (varenki plus a denim jacket).


Tracksuits in 90s fashion is a very special story. These are not modern laconic and inconspicuous melange pants and gray sweatshirts. Twenty years ago, tracksuits with a variety of colors could compete with leggings. With the latter, by the way, they often wore the upper part of the suit, a bomber jacket.


Today we laugh at the trendy Boys sweaters, calling their motley pattern "fancy", but two twenty years ago they were worn with pleasure by both men and women. The notorious inscription on the chest forced to proudly straighten the back and made it possible to become the owner of the title of the main fashionista in the class. Obviously, the ubiquitous "Malvinas" were also considered the best pair for a fashionable sweater.


On the cult electronic watch Montana, as well as on jeans of the same name, not everyone had enough money. Therefore, fashionable youth "invested" in Chinese counterparts, which filled all the stores. This accessory was also unisex - fashionistas of both sexes showed off to their friends.


Jack tragically drowned, the protagonist of the tear-jerking "Titanic", brilliantly played by the young DiCaprio, caused national love in Russia. Women from 7 to 70 years old angrily asked each other: “What, she couldn’t move, or what? ", and the school generation of drama fans massively bought short tops and t-shirts with the central characters of the film. And what did you wear from this list of fashion items of the 90s in Russia? Source: cosmo.ru, photo: Getty Images, East News.

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