Baby with Down syndrome became a model

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Baby with Down syndrome became a model
Baby with Down syndrome became a model

Two-year-old Connie-Rose Seaborn with Down's syndrome signed contracts with modeling agencies. The girl won this opportunity by beating a large number of contestants.

Baby with Down syndrome becomes a model

In the UK, an unprecedented event occurred: two-year-old Connie-Rose Seaborn, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome, became a model. The girl has already signed two contracts with agencies. Baby Julie's mother hesitated for a long time to send a photo of her daughter to participate in the contest, but friends and acquaintances who daily complimented Rose's angelic appearance convinced her to do it.

The most striking thing for Julie was the reaction of the agents to her words that the baby had Down syndrome. As the happy mother said, none of the employees paid attention to this, they treated the baby as an equal to the rest of the contestants.

Connie-Rose was born two months premature. A month after birth, the girl was diagnosed with Down syndrome. As Julie admitted to the press, doctors warned her about the high probability of such an outcome of events, even when the child was in the womb. But she refused to do tests to check the fetus for Down syndrome, because she knew that the result, whatever it was, would not change anything in her perception, and she would still give birth to her baby. Julie is now the happiest mom in the world. She watches her baby girl take her first steps in life and achieve success at the age of 2.

Just a few years ago, this was unimaginable. But today the world community has begun to show due attention and care for children with special needs. Natalya Vodianova, whose sister was also diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, made a significant contribution to the formation of the right attitude towards such kids, in particular in Russia. The model founded the Naked Heart Charitable Foundation, which supports projects working with children with special needs.

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