15 things to get used to when living with a man

15 things to get used to when living with a man
15 things to get used to when living with a man

A hurricane named "love" burst into your measured life. Displaced objects from their usual places, brought new and not always pleasant aromas, confused your plans. And if there are more pluses in your relationship than minuses, then, having settled together, you will have to come to terms with something. For example…

15 things you have to get used to when you live with a man
15 things you have to get used to when you live with a man

Difficulties of family life

1. What he washed, most likely, will have to be washed. And if you run into a real dishwashing guru - grab him, otherwise he will run away!

2. Goodbye honeymoon. You can keep a couple of touching love texts from the past as a keepsake, because now they will contain text like “You again couldn’t stand the bucket” and “Buy potatoes and toilet paper.” Romance, damn it.

3. If he never learned to write aimingly, we sympathize. It won't learn anymore. No matter how much you were going to somehow tactfully hint at him about it, spoke directly, left cleaning wipes on the toilet bowl, drew a cross with an indelible marker at the right point of your faience friend … The first difficulties of family life. Blinsky fig.

4. Meeting friends has become a rarity. Because now you have a holiday at home that is always with you and that you would not want to miss.

5. Socks, socks - all around socks. No comment.

6. It became harder to make time for sex. It's strange: when you had to catch the moment while the parents/children were at the dacha/at work or his friend agreed to take an hour for a walk, you managed to do everything. Now that you're officially together, it's so hard to find time between cooking, TV and online games, and there, you see, it's time to sleep …

7. The holder has run out of paper. Do you think he'll hang up a new roll? Here they are, the difficulties of family life.

8. Both of you are great interior designers, and creative differences between you are inevitable: “I wanted to hang a new poster of Totoro here, and you put in that Dr. Steele of yours”…

9. Your expensive shampoo began to end suspiciously quickly. Moreover, your faithful, in principle, does not see the difference between Aveda for two pieces and a bar of laundry soap.

10. No, he didn't leave the berets in the middle of the corridor so that you stumble, hit your head, die, and only he got your collection of discount stickers from the supermarket. He just doesn't have the reflex to put his shoes on neatly yet.

11. Your things in the closet had to make room, giving way to his clothes. Marvelous. Looking at him, you thought he only had one sweater, shirt and jeans.

12. Shooting, stomping, shooting again. Victorious Shout: “Headshot! Born Killer! And so - all night long. No, your loved one is quite a peaceful person. Rejoice that he brings his dark side to video games. Tired of listening to it? Join. Enter the game, lie down on the balcony with a sniper rifle and, at the first opportunity, put a bullet in his character's forehead. "Headshot. A natural born killer,” they will already say about you. Feel better, I swear.

13. Of course, he cannot forbid you to watch your favorite TV shows. But spoiling the fun with caustic comments is easy. At the same time, you can walk through his TV tastes until you are blue in the face - he will not cry and will not go to watch "Cop Wars" secretly in the kitchen.

14. They carry water on the angry. If you sulk at him, there is nowhere to go - you still have to face nose to nose on the way to the toilet and share a bed. You will have to put up with it, even if today he is the meanest bastard of all vile scoundrels for you.

15. For some reason, guys do not hesitate to walk with friends (and girlfriends) in family shorts. I wonder what he will say the next time you go out to meet guests in your underwear?

And still you love him (and deep down you hope to slowly fix it, even though everyone says it's useless to try). I wonder if he would have counted how many difficulties in family life? Source: cosmo.ru photo: fotoimedia.

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