What to think about when everything is bad

What to think about when everything is bad
What to think about when everything is bad

Each of us has been swept by waves of despair. Each got into a situation where everything is bad. In general, everything. Hands drop, I don’t want anything, everything around is some kind of gray and no light is visible. Hopelessness and decay. Familiar? We are all familiar with this. And, you know, it will eventually end. How not to think about the bad? Keep these 7 things in mind.

What to think about when everything is bad
What to think about when everything is bad



Here it is time to recall the legend of the ring of King Solomon. According to legend, the inscription "Everything will pass" was engraved on the outer side of the ring. But one day the king, looking at the ring, did not calm down, but completely lost his temper. He tore off the ring and only then noticed the inscription on the inside: "This too shall pass." This parable is the perfect helper for all occasions. All truth will pass. It's not forever.


Emotional pain is actually not much different from physical pain. In a metaphorical sense. Physical pain is a signal that something is wrong with the body and urgent action needs to be taken. But you don't think about pain when you're he althy, do you? But in fact, it is the pain that makes you pull your hand away from the hot cup, and the position of the body you change also because it hurts. You just don't track it. It's the same with mental pain. If something happened, it is an injury, it is an acute condition and it must be endured, recovered. But if you just feel bad, it seems to you that you are suffering from nothing - this is also a signal. There is something wrong with your mental body, you just need to change the position to a comfortable one.


You have loved ones. Friends, relatives, beloved - no matter who, it is important that someone is there anyway. And if it seems to you that they do not understand you (or they are the reason for your feelings), then there are 7 billion more featherless bipeds on the planet. And among them there will definitely be a person who will support you. Nothing prevents you from creating an anonymous account on the network and talking about your problem with those who understand. Speak out and you will understand how not to think about the bad.


We have good news for you: it will not get worse, because it has already been worse. Just imagine: you do not recognize yourself in the mirror, you become ugly in a matter of days, although you were recently beautiful. Your loved ones suddenly turned into monsters, your house turned into a prison, your friends turned away from you and you are an outcast. And, of course, no one loves you. Nobody at all. And never love again. Better to die, oh Scary? But you experienced it when you were 12-16 years old. The crisis of adolescence is the most difficult in the life of any person. All other crises are easier to survive. If only because they are not the first. And with each new crisis you gain more and more experience. Priceless.


Few people are able to keep a cool head in a crisis. You are no exception. It is important to understand that the longer you are in the “everything is bad” state, the more you wind yourself up. Imagine that it will get worse in the future, wondering how you can continue to live with the load of these unresolved problems. How to relax and not think about the bad? Peace, only peace! Negative thinking takes away the remnants of your already scarce resources. Accept it as a fact - you have come up with some of the problems yourself, and this is the natural course of things. You just need to get rid of illusions in time. Fear has big eyes, yes yes.


Or leave, whichever is the problem. Time really heals, these are not empty words. But time passes too slowly, doesn't it? It seems to you that you will never get out of this state, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. And that's because you're not going anywhere. We suggest an experiment: try doing nothing for at least 10 minutes. Stand in the middle of the room and do nothing - do not look out the window, do not hum your favorite tune to yourself, do not think about what to do in the evening. Just stand. Unbearable, right? Time is gone. A second stretches into eternity. The same thing happens when you withdraw into yourself and expect that all the bad things are about to end. The best thing you can do is step forward. The more you move - in every sense, the faster your internal time goes, and the sooner the problem is behind you.


It's true. It doesn't happen otherwise. Sooner or later, one way or another, but everything will be fine. Source: cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia.

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