20 rules for a happy marriage from people who decide to spend their whole lives together

20 rules for a happy marriage from people who decide to spend their whole lives together
20 rules for a happy marriage from people who decide to spend their whole lives together

Surprise each other, adore your family, protect your interests. Everything is so simple, but sometimes even the simplest truths are forgotten. We remember the secrets of family happiness

20 Rules for a Happy Marriage from People Who Decide to Spend Their Life Together
20 Rules for a Happy Marriage from People Who Decide to Spend Their Life Together


It is an important tradition to ask your loved one how his day went. families, more and more delving into their own thoughts, where outsiders are not allowed to enter.

Any conflict can be resolved by maintaining relationships and love. Therefore, the next time quarrels go off scale, and an insidious phrase escapes from the tongue: “Pack your clothes and roll!”, stop and for a second imagine the day when your union no longer exists. If this thought is terrifying, then you need to learn the art of dialogue and compromise.

For the life and happiness of your loved one, of course. You can't fulfill each other's wishes, but you know perfectly well what makes you happy. And neglecting this knowledge means depriving yourself of the opportunity to build a truly strong union.

You need to be honest with each other. Keep nothing from your loved one that can harm your relationship. Of course, he shouldn’t know how much money you spend on manicures and pedicures, but if you don’t like his communication with an ex-girlfriend, it’s better to state it directly, and not accumulate resentment in yourself.

Happiness is in the little things. And even a small act of caring can revive a relationship! It is very important to notice all these little things when he shakes your hand when he gets out of the car, buys a chocolate bar when you are sick, or monitors your nutrition. Talk to him about your feelings, about how pleasant his care is for you. You shouldn't take it for granted. This is one of the main secrets of family happiness.

Don't make him love your friends. And you don't have to welcome his friends who you think are idiots (and sometimes they are). In the end, everyone decides for himself with whom it is pleasant and comfortable to communicate.

Kiss each other when leaving the house. And when you return home. This gesture can work wonders, not otherwise! A kiss sets you in a romantic mood, cheers you up and gives you confidence that there is a person in your life for whom you are the most important gift of fate.

Sometimes it's worth turning down invitations if you can be alone. It must be admitted that the older we get, the more and more the cycle of life seethes. It happens that there is simply no time left for a loved one. But think about it, is it really important to go to the next reunion or can you stay alone with your loved one and spend an evening together?

Treat your families like your own. Call his mom for advice, don't forget to wish his grandparents a happy birthday, go to the movies with his little brother. Such attention to his family makes you even closer!

Say "I love you" to each other more often. These words are as old as the world, but never lose their value if they are always spoken sincerely.

Take care of each other when you're sick. Go to the pharmacy for cough syrup, ask doctors you know what can help him and download his favorite movie. You know that if you get sick, he will turn the world upside down, if only his beloved was he althy.

Take care of the house when it's sewn up at work. No, it doesn't mean you become a laundry at home, but it means you want to make the life of a loved one men are easier when he is faced with difficulties.

Don't make fun of him in company. Remembering a funny incident from your intimate life, think about whether your man would like to share this with the public?

Be punctual. Most conflicts during emergency gatherings can be avoided by respecting each other's time. So start getting ready for your friends birthday half an hour early without making him wait all this time, annoying and provoking conflict with the phrase: “Well, five more minutes and I will almost be ready!”


Don't let anyone talk bad about you. You are one, so no one should allow themselves to be rude to your family. In the end, the partner must understand that you are always on the side of each other, no matter what happens. This is very important!

Keep each other up to date on your plans. Decided to meet up with your girlfriends after work? Please have fun! But be sure to tell your man about your intentions. This does not mean that you should ask his permission or blessing, it's just respect for the feelings of a partner - he will not worry, knowing that his beloved woman is safe.

Respond to calls and messages. Ignoring the calls of a loved one is something strange. Yes, sometimes you are offended or not in the mood, but who knows what happened and why a person needs to talk?

Don't swear while traveling. To make the trip enjoyable, it is better to minimize the number of quarrels and conflicts. So what if he forgot to bring the right package with him? In any country you can buy everything you need. It's better to take things calmly - after returning home, you will have a couple more funny stories and jokes.

Be spontaneous! Book a hotel room for a passionate evening, surprise him with tickets to a concert of his favorite band, gather his friends for dinner - be unpredictable.

Love each other unconditionally. Actually, it's so important and easy to just love each other. This is the most important secret of marriage! Source: cosmo.ru, photo: fotomedia.

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