10 stars with impeccable sense of style

10 stars with impeccable sense of style
10 stars with impeccable sense of style

No matter how hard the star stylists and makeup artists try, no, no, and there will be a release that can be described as a “complete failure”. But there are stars who have never shown themselves in public in an unsuccessful way. What is it, magic? No, an innate sense of style and the ability to correctly place accents. There is something to take note of!

10 stars with an impeccable sense of style
10 stars with an impeccable sense of style



Whether cut short, tousled curls or impeccable styling, Charlize is regally beautiful in any case. Pay attention: she always has an impeccable complexion and very discreet makeup without bright shadows or defiant lipsticks. Take note of the star's style!


Restrained, intelligent and incredibly stylish, Natalie knows how to present herself favorably: focus on her eyes (classic smoky eyes are her calling card!), minimum lipstick and - perfect eyebrows. Bravo, Natalie!


Diana has never cheated on blonde, but has always followed the latest trends in hair coloring and styling. Ombre, shatush, sun kissed hair, soft curls, high ponytail or bun: while remaining herself, she changes all the time. That's what we call being trendy!

Gwyneth P altrow

Gwyneth is an aristocrat to the core. A soft smile, restrained images, adherence to classic lines in both hair and clothing … But the most important thing is her posture. No, not a princess. Princess!


Search the internet, flip through all the magazines, and you won't find a photo of Layton that doesn't show her smiling. That's the secret of celebrity style, right?


Owners of luxurious hair, Kate skillfully uses this advantage, collecting a mop of hair in a high hairstyle that reveals the actress's graceful and long neck, or spreads curls over her shoulders. No disheveledness, no experiments and creative styling. Classic!


Pe has a very characteristic and memorable appearance, but the most important thing is her bewitching almost witch look. Penelope made him her "trick" many years ago and does not change the find: she always has very bright makeup on her eyes, which makes them huge, and her eyes are bottomless and alluring. And it works!


The perfect embodiment of the image of the fatal beauty. Passion in her eyes, dark hair styled in neat waves, invariably fair, porcelain skin and bright bloody lipstick. The very case when resistance is useless.


If there was such a contest, Jessica would definitely win the Miss Positivity title. An open smile, deliberate childishness in style, wide-eyed makeup and a clear preference for natural shades in makeup. Jessica, perhaps, was the only one who managed to create the image of a best friend, and not a celestial star. Why we love this star style!


Kira is grateful to all the owners of a modest bust: it was she who dispelled the myth that you cannot be a beauty without a magnificent breast. Thin, fragile Kira always looks a little mysterious. Pay attention to her restrained smile: as if she were learning from Mona Lisa! Such facial expressions and a slight squint create a veil of mystery and sublimity. Worth learning. 10 Most Stylish Older Stars.

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