Myths and truth about cats

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Myths and truth about cats
Myths and truth about cats

The Internet was still in Ancient Egypt. There, people first started posting pictures on the walls and worshiping cats. A joke, of course.

Myths about cats, detailed analysis
Myths about cats, detailed analysis


Kittens should be removed from trees so they don't starve to death there

Have you seen at least one cat skeleton on a tree in your life? That's the same. If your cat has climbed a tree, generously water the trunk (as high as you can reach) with an alcohol solution or valerian decoction. Kote will return from any height, drug addict walking.

Cats love milk

Most cats actually suffer from lactose intolerance and are prone to bouts of diarrhea after drinking milk. Although kittens initially drink their mother's milk, adult cats are better off drinking water. As with any adult mammal, note.

Cats always land on their feet

As a rule, cats dodge in flight and actually land on all fours. The exceptions are situations when something interferes with them in flight (tree branches), or when they fall from such a low height that they do not have time to dodge.

Tricolor cats are ALWAYS cats

Cats of tricolor are very rare. Exceptions to this rule do occur, but they are often fruitless.

Cats in the yard (in the basement) need to be fed

Do not under any circumstances do this. Your bait primarily feeds the city rats, who get fat from it and then kill "your" cats and their kittens. Any utility plumber will tell you that he meets bitten cats in basements almost constantly, while rats are only alive. If you like a cat, the best way to take care of it is to take it home permanently. Drive out worms and cure other street diseases.

Cats purr when they are happy

Despite countless studies of cat behavior, scientists still don't know the exact reason why a cat purrs. While it is true that most cats purr when they are content, many cats purr when they are stressed or even dying. So far, the general consensus is that purring is just a form of communication.

Cats hate dogs

Although cats and dogs have long been sworn enemies - both in movies and fiction, studies have shown that if they start living with each other in the same house from childhood, they develop a very strong mutual sympathy. Although yes, stray yard dogs hunt cats for fun. How to make friends with pets.

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