8 Signs You're Not Getting The Love You Deserve

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8 Signs You're Not Getting The Love You Deserve
8 Signs You're Not Getting The Love You Deserve

Routine is a terrible enemy of love. One far from perfect day, you may feel that your loved one perceives you as a familiar household item. How do you know it's time to shake off the mothballs from a stagnant relationship?

8 Signs You're Not Getting The Love You Deserve

1. You don't remember the last time you felt pretty in his presence. At some point in the relationship, he may stop talking to you all day about how beautiful you are, but you should feel that he still thinks so. But if it seems to you that he has stopped noticing you and is no longer attracted to you, it's a mess.

2. You know he's always on the phone, but when you text him he puts off, puts off answering - and never answers.

3. He forgets about a bunch of events that are really important to you. A person who is attentive to you usually remembers that you have exams, or an interview, or an important presentation at work. If your man forgets about it and does not ask how everything went, it is easy to understand that you no longer occupy an important place in his thoughts or his life, and it's time to change something.

4. You no longer feel his support. Not that he has to snatch you from the clutches of forest robbers every second, but to make you feel that you can always rely on him would be nice.

5. Friends compliment you more often than he does. Your man should be your biggest fan, like you're a fucking Hollywood star. If you feel that this is not so - well, it does not matter, but not a fountain either.

6. You are happy for less than half of the time you spend together. You can pretend that everything is in order, but isn't it better to look for the cause of your discontent? (Of course, not the fact that she is in your partner). How to keep love for life - 11 secrets.

7. It's normal that he has female girlfriends. It's bad if he treats them better than he treats you. Sure, you'd like him to be nice to them, but if you feel like they're getting more of his attention than you, that's not the point.

8. You begin to think that maybe you can’t get everything you wanted from a relationship, and there are no perfect men. Of course it doesn't. And if you are not happy on your own, then even the most ideal relationship will not make you happy. But if you think that your man is not a real lottery win, but only a consolation prize, it's time to shake things up and try to change your relationship for the better. And if it doesn’t work out, look for a new lottery ticket. Source: cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia.

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