Declarations of love of great men: from Pushkin to Kolchak

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Declarations of love of great men: from Pushkin to Kolchak
Declarations of love of great men: from Pushkin to Kolchak

Today, men do not have to wait for love letters or elementary serenades under the windows. But love opens up new facets in us - great men were capable of not just notes, but entire poems dedicated to their women. That's who you need to learn how to make a beautiful declaration of love, decorated with a letter!

Letters from great men: here's how to confess your love
Letters from great men: here's how to confess your love

Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak

Russian military and political leader

“In a moment of moral fatigue or weakness, when doubt turns into hopelessness, when determination is replaced by hesitation, when self-confidence is lost and an unsettling feeling of failure is created, when the whole past seems to have no meaning, and the future seems completely meaningless and aimless, at such moments I have always turned to thoughts about you, finding in them and in everything that connected with you, with memories of you, a means to overcome this state.”

Addressed to Anna Vasilievna Timireva, artist and poetess.

May 1917

John Keats

Poet of the younger generation of English Romantics

"My dear girl!

Nothing in the world could give me more pleasure than your letter, except you yourself. I'm almost tired of being amazed that my senses are blissfully obeying the will of that being who is now so far away from me.

Even without thinking about you, I feel your presence, and a wave of tenderness covers me. All my thoughts, all my joyless days and sleepless nights have not cured me of my love for Beauty. On the contrary, this love has become so strong that I am in despair because you are not around, and I am forced to overcome in dull patience an existence that cannot be called Life. Never before have I known that there is such love as you have given me. I didn't believe in her; I was afraid to burn in its flame. But if you love me, the fire of love will not be able to scorch us - it will be no more than we, sprinkled with the dew of Pleasure, can bear.

So let me talk about your Beauty, even if it is dangerous for myself: what if you are cruel enough to test her Power over others?

I have to admit (since I'm talking about it) that I love you even more because I know you loved me just the way I am, and for no other reason. I have met women who would be happy to be engaged to Sonnet or to marry Roman.

Always yours, my love! John Keats.”

Love letter addressed to Fanny Brown, fiancee of John Keats.

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Russian poet, playwright and novelist

“Today is the anniversary of the day I first saw you; this day in my life. The more I think, the more I become convinced that my existence cannot be separated from yours: I was created to love you and follow you; all my other concerns are one delusion and madness. Far from you, I am relentlessly haunted by regrets about the happiness that I did not have time to enjoy. Sooner or later, however, I will have to drop everything and fall at your feet. The thought of the day when I will be able to have a piece of land in … only smiles at me and enlivens me in the midst of heavy anguish. There I can wander around your house, meet you, follow you…”

Addressed to Natalia Goncharova.

March, 1830

Leo Tolstoy

Russian writer

“Sofya Andreevna, it’s becoming unbearable for me. For three weeks I say every day: today I will say everything, and I leave with the same longing, repentance, fear and happiness in my soul. And every night, as now, I go over the past, I suffer and say: why did I not say, and how, and what would I say. I take this letter with me to give it to you, if again I can’t, or if I don’t have the courage to tell you everything. Your family's false view of me is, I think, that I am in love with your sister Liza. It's not fair. Your story stuck in my head because, after reading it, I became convinced that I, Dublitsky, should not dream of happiness, that your excellent poetic demands of love … that I do not envy and will not envy the one you are love. It seemed to me that I could rejoice in you as children…

Tell me, as an honest person, do you want to be my wife? Only if with all your heart, you can boldly say: yes, otherwise it’s better to say: no, if there is a shadow of self-doubt in you. For God's sake, ask yourself well. It will be terrible for me to hear: no, but I foresee it and find the strength in myself to bear it. But if I'm never loved as a husband as I love, it will be terrible!”

This love letter to a girl is addressed to Sophia Burns.

September 1862

Honoré de Balzac

French writer

“How I wish I could spend the day at your feet; laying your head on your knees, dreaming about the beautiful, in bliss and ecstasy share your thoughts with you, and sometimes not speak at all, but press the edge of your dress to your lips!..

Oh my love, Eva, the joy of my days, my light in the night, my hope, admiration, my beloved, precious, when will I see you? Or is it an illusion? Did I see you? Oh Gods! How I love your accent, subtle, your kind lips, so sensual - let me tell it to you, my angel of love.

I work day and night to come and stay with you for two weeks in December. On the way, I will see the Jura mountains covered with snow, and I will think about the snowy whiteness of the shoulders of my beloved. Oh! Inhaling the fragrance of hair, holding your hand, squeezing you in my arms - that's where I draw inspiration from! My friends are amazed at the invincibility of my willpower. Oh! They do not know my beloved, the one whose pure image cancels out all the chagrin of their bile attacks. One kiss my angel, one slow kiss and goodnight!”

The most beautiful declaration of love: a letter addressed to Evelina Ganskaya.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Austrian composer and virtuoso performer

"Dear little wifey, I have some errands for you. I beg you:

1) don't get melancholy

2) take care of your he alth and beware of spring winds, 3) don't go for a walk alone - or even better, don't go for a walk at all, 4) be completely sure of my love. I write all letters to you with your portrait in front of me.

5) I beg you to behave in such a way that neither your nor my good name is damaged, also watch your appearance. Do not be angry with me for such a request. You should love me even more because I care about our honor with you.

6) and finally I ask you to write me more detailed letters. I really want to know if brother-in-law Hofer came to visit us the day after I left? Does he come often, as he promised me? Do the Langes come in sometimes? How is the work on the portrait going? How do you live? All of this naturally interests me immensely.”

Addressed to Constanta.

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