Caution, sale: 8 main dangers of sales

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Caution, sale: 8 main dangers of sales
Caution, sale: 8 main dangers of sales

Seasonal sale is fraught not only with the opportunity to save on updating the wardrobe, but also a lot of pitfalls.

Caution, sale: 8 main dangers of sales
Caution, sale: 8 main dangers of sales


So that you do not waste your money and are not disappointed in sales, we have compiled this "guide" for sales. 8 main dangers of discount periods - read soon!


You dreamed about this dress for half a year, and finally it costs not half your salary, but only a quarter. But here's the problem - only the XXS size remained in the store, while all your clothes are S-M. Well, nothing, you think, I'll take it, and then I'll try to lose weight. Stop! During the seasonal sale, never buy things a few sizes smaller or larger in the hope of "somehow" wearing them. In this case, they are waiting for "life" on the mezzanine, and you - a waste of money.


As you have probably seen from your own experience, the world is not perfect - there will always be people who are trying to earn not in the most beautiful way. Some stores do not hesitate to cheat during sales - another one is glued to the price tag with the old price, with a bright SALE inscription and … the same amount. Unfortunately, this "recipe" often works, and people take the old price of the goods for a reduced one. Therefore, be careful: do not be afraid to look at the "lower" price tag and ask questions to sales assistants.


Another reason to be careful and look both ways during the seasonal sale is defective items. Sometimes this is an accident (someone left a puff or a lipstick mark during the fitting, but the sellers didn’t notice), and sometimes it’s a conscious move by the staff and counting on customers who are in a hurry and buy the thing they like without even really examining it. Where to buy things in a crisis, read here.


Giant queues in fitting rooms are a hallmark of all "sales", but you really don't want to stand in them. Therefore, you simply put the thing on yourself, briefly look in the mirror and run to the checkout. As a result, an unpleasant discovery may await you at home - jeans hang on the buttocks (although they are your usual size!), The neckline of the blouse reaches the waist, and the sandals of the native 39th turn out to be small.



"Buy two jeans and get a T-shirt for free!", "Buy three bras and get silicone nipple covers for free!" - such cunning promotions create the illusion that they are giving you something, but in fact you are leaving extra money in the store. Before you buy two of the same T-shirts in order to get the third one for free, think about whether you will wear at least one of them?


When you find yourself in a shopaholic's paradise and flutter between tops for 300 rubles and trousers for 700, it starts to seem that everything around you is vital. Here is a white shirt that you would never buy at its regular price in your life, but now it is 50% cheaper - suddenly come in handy; and here is a string of shorts with cherries - you don’t wear those, but they are so cheap - you need to take 6 pieces at once! The illusion of cheapness can make a huge hole in your budget - as a result, after the seasonal sale, you will be left with a pile of unwanted clothes and a negative credit card balance.


In an hour you, like a real sprinter, ran around the entire shopping center, full of SALE signs, but did not find a single “own” thing. It's a shame, right? And around there are insane queues at the box office and women satisfied with the finds. And so you decide to buy “at least something” so that you don’t just leave with an oppressive feeling of wasted time. The ambush is that you are unlikely to wear a thing that, firstly, you did not like right away, and secondly, it was not bought in the best mood.


For a whole year you wanted the Most Fashionable Dress that everyone wore, but the purchase did not add up, and at the seasonal sale you accidentally fished It out of a pile of white T-shirts, into which it somehow got into. Not believing your luck, you tried it on and found that it also fits perfectly … At this very place, we still intervene - a dress (as well as jeans, shoes, a bag, etc.), which was a trendy season and more, can be considered already “used "a trend that literally the next day after your "success" will already become irrelevant. Source, photo: fotoimedia.

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