What is it like to live with a glutton?

What is it like to live with a glutton?
What is it like to live with a glutton?

About people like him, they say: not for horse food. You barely have time to cook a cauldron of borscht “for a week” when the cauldron can already be washed, and your insatiable beloved again made his way to the refrigerator in search of something to profit from.

What is it like to live with a glutton?
What is it like to live with a glutton?


1. If you order a pizza, he eats so much and so fast that you barely have time to grab a bite.

2. But how mad he is when you finished the last tiny piece of sausage.

3. He drank yogurt and ate apples. You walked home from work and dreamed about how to quickly cook apple pancakes, brew tea, pour a saucer of condensed milk, sit in front of the TV and watch your favorite TV series, dipping pancakes in condensed milk … Come - and no yogurt, no apples. No condensed milk.

4. You sit down on the sofa with a cup of tea, take the remote control - and it's all sticky from condensed milk, and an apple core is stuck to the program.

5. You don't go to sushi bars because he doesn't get enough of those wicks.

6. If you're late for dinner, he's so nervous that they'll eat it all without him, like it's the last meal in the world!

7. If he doesn't take pieces off your plate and ask if you need to finish your meal, you're afraid he's sick.

8. If he asks you to try your milkshake, he takes half of it.

9. And takes a bite of half a sandwich.

10. You shouldn't go out to "powder your nose" while you eat or you'll end up on an empty table.

11. Weddings and other family celebrations are catastrophic events to satiate him, his beloved. He does not communicate with anyone there, because he chews all the time. And then he can’t dance - because he ate himself to the eyeballs.

12. You spend so much money on food! After all, he eats for two, three or even four.

13. You know that if you give birth to a son from him, the only thing left for you in life is to try to feed these two. Source: cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia.

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