5 simple rules for washing towels

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5 simple rules for washing towels
5 simple rules for washing towels

When it comes to bedding or towels, chances are you put off washing them until the last minute. Troublesome, when drying, they take up a lot of space. How to determine the frequency of washing? How to wash towels? It's easy, and we'll tell you about it now.

Rules for clean towels: how often and how to wash them
Rules for clean towels: how often and how to wash them

Where does the smell come from?

How often should you wash your towels

How often should towels be washed? Hygienists recommend washing towels after three uses. Kitchen towels and hand towels need to be washed daily. Well, if there is a smell, then you should not wait for the third time.

Do you need air conditioning?

Not worth it. Well, not with every wash. The use of fabric softener, of course, makes the fabric softer, but at the same time reduces the absorbency. Not the best choice for kitchen and terry towels.

Washing terry towels

Choose as high a temperature as possible to wash towels, but 60 degrees is still considered optimal. The best powder is with enzymes and whitening ingredients. Or gel or other laundry liquid. And avoid the quick wash cycle - there is too short a rinse, and terry products need a lot of water.

How to wring towels?

To maintain softness, choose no more than 800 rpm. Yes, it will take longer to dry, but it is more pleasant to use a properly wrung out towel. How to choose a good towel.

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