Beyoncé rumored to announce divorce

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Beyoncé rumored to announce divorce
Beyoncé rumored to announce divorce

Western tabloids once again predict a divorce of the star couple Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Rumor has it that Beyoncé is ready to announce her divorce

Rumors about the rupture of relations between the star spouses singer Beyoncé and rapper Jay Z are not the first time. Last year, the breakup of the couple was also actively discussed, but then the singer's father, her former manager, denied this information, saying that it was a publicity stunt.

A source close to the family said that the star is tired of her husband's love affairs and will soon announce a divorce. Previously, the press wrote about the rapper's romantic relationship with performers Rihanna and Rita Ora. According to an insider, the last straw in Beyoncé's patience was her husband's frank flirting with one of his regular protégés.

Journalists also noted that the singer has not given a single interview about her personal life for a year and a half, as if trying to avoid topics that are uncomfortable for her. In addition, a disturbing fact for fans was Beyoncé's decision not to have a second child. According to an insider, now the celebrity is considering a further strategy of behavior in public and intends to play the “victim card.”

Recall that Beyoncé and Jay Z got married 7 years ago after years of secret romance. They had a daughter Blue Ivy. The star couple has a reputation as an exemplary family in show business. The couple will not talk about their personal relationship and keep fans in the dark. There have been no official celebrity breakup comments yet.

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