15 Women's Habits Men Don't Understand

15 Women's Habits Men Don't Understand
15 Women's Habits Men Don't Understand

Yes, women and men have different habits. Nothing wrong with that. You can worry about this: "Oh, he does not understand me." Or you can explain simply and clearly.

15 habits of women that men don't understand
15 habits of women that men don't understand


1. Why is there a dusty piece of crushed chewing gum at the bottom of my purse?

Because we felt sorry for throwing it away, maybe one day we'll get together to clean it of all these suspicious crumbs and use it. Come on, no one is proud of this.

2. Why can't we get ready in 10 minutes?

3. Ha ha ha, Zadornov said that women are fools because they open their mouths when they paint their eyes

And men prop up their cheeks from the inside with their tongues when they shave! What for? To stretch the skin? For the same purpose, we grimace when painting eyelashes. In order not to paint the edges of the eye socket at the same time.

4. He also said, ha ha ha, that a woman should wear a towel over her head for a second when she comes out of the bathroom

Really, how strange we are: for some reason we do not like it when water flows from our long hair onto our shoulders and when cold wet curls stick to our backs. Well, just no logic.

5. Why are there more than two pillows in a bed if you're not planning a swinger party?

What if we like to wallow surrounded by pillows like Scheherazade? A pillow under the knee, a pillow under the armpit, a pillow under the back … We would sleep with a teddy bear if it didn't annoy you so much.

6. Why do we need 100,500 hair conditioners?

Listen, sometimes you have to smooth your hair, sometimes you have to fluff it. Sometimes they need restoration, sometimes they need careful care. Our hair is like a pet, and we are very caring owners.

7. Why a separate air conditioner at all?

8. Why watch the same episodes of Sex and the City that you've already seen 800 times?

It's like eating roach with beer. You won’t say: “Why eat roach, I already tried it, I liked it - that’s all, now I know what it tastes like, and beer too. There is no need to eat and drink more of them.”

9. Why are you all obsessed with these emojis?

Why not? This is funny.

10. Why are you so unbalanced on critical days?

No matter how much we try to explain to guys that we die on the first day of menstruation (and the rest of the days too), that it feels like the uterus is killing us from the inside, they will never understand, because they have nothing to compare. Why don't they just say, "I believe you. This is unbearable pain. You are a real fighter." And we will modestly lower our eyes and answer: “I know.”

11. Why all these jars, flasks, tubes on the mirror?

Well, yes, and six half-empty deodorants around the house - it's logical. OK.

12. Why do you need bags? The man just shoved his wallet, keys and phone into his pockets, and that's it

Okay, honey. Then, at the same time, can you stuff a cosmetic bag, a mirror, a comb, a book, a pen and a notebook, toothpicks, a water bottle and an apple, paper napkins, a Band-Aid, headache and allergy pills, a box of tampons and a pack of dailies, a player, a flattened piece gum and a travel card?

13. Why can't you just go out and buy some jeans?

Ah, how we wish we could just walk into a store, grab our size off the shelf, pay up and go watch Sex and the City for the 801st time. But for some reason, every pair of jeans for women is a pig in a poke. Some will be tighter at the waist, others will be looser, and others will be too narrow at the hips. We measure 18 pairs not from a good life. It's not our fault, we hate it too.

14. Why two lipsticks, they are both red?

Not true, one is coral red, the other is purplish red. One is daytime, the other is evening. What's wrong here?

15. Why is Dom-2 so popular?

To be honest, we ourselves are in deep shock, but you watch your football. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia, HBO.

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