Like an angel. How to recognize his mother?

Like an angel. How to recognize his mother?
Like an angel. How to recognize his mother?

You'll recognize her by the haunted look and bouts of nervous laughter as she tries to catch the next "Mom, I pee"

Like an angel. How to recognize his mother?
Like an angel. How to recognize his mother?

Warning: We don't mean any of you. No, nobody. All coincidences are random, all facts are the fruit of the creative fiction of Hollywood screenwriters.

1. An avalanche of dry pants falling out of her purse every time.

2. In a new place, she always first conducts a cursory interrogation of the local population. With a briskness that does honor to paratroopers-saboteurs. “Where are your toilets, how many are there in this area, are they occupied by regular troops?”.

3. She floods social networks with questions “and who faced?”, And the intensity of despair grows with each of her posts.

4. When talking on the phone, she most often asks the question: “But did he at least do it in the toilet?”. Yes, and a grandmother or a nanny changes her phone plan to unlimited.

5. You can hear the characteristic gnashing of teeth if they begin to tell how the child of acquaintances himself (himself-himself!) accustomed to the potty at the age of one and a half.

6. The toy merchandisers at the nearest supermarket are numb at her appearance and try to blend in with the surroundings. However, to no avail.

7. You go crazy with her desire to try the craziest ideas on this topic. How else? Not everyone is ready to hear a pearl like: “Why don't our kids go to the potty together? Socialization reinforces the skill!”.

8. At first timidly, then more and more boldly, she wonders if there are any potty training coaches, because she can no longer endure this sophisticated mockery. “Yes, yes? Is he worth it? Give me the number, please.”

9. Having come to visit her father-in-laws, she, with crazy eyes, demands to put a towel on the new sofa in order to get some rest while her son sits on it.

10. As soon as her baby begins to wrinkle and tighten his knees, you feel a sudden gust of wind, and your next phrase is already turned into emptiness. Eagles stealing lambs from a dive flight can take lessons from her.

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