Sensation from Korea: wrinkle-free face

Sensation from Korea: wrinkle-free face
Sensation from Korea: wrinkle-free face

If you laugh a lot, then you know that facial wrinkles around the eyes are simply inevitable. Of course, they say that these are signs of joy and a happy life. But what if you still want to get rid of them?

Sensation from Korea: wrinkle-free face!

A simple and ingenious solution was born in Korea. It turns out that if natural hyaluronic acid is crystallized in the form of micro-needles, then useful components will penetrate to the desired depth. At the same time, unlike injections with hyaluronic acid, micro-needles in patches do not even leave redness after application.

Here's how it happens: hyaluronic acid crystals gradually dissolve, providing an instant effect of the well-known salon biorevitalization procedure. The skin is qualitatively moisturized, wrinkles disappear, the skin becomes elastic and smooth. All you need to do is gently stick the patches on pre-cleansed skin for at least 40 minutes. And for the best effect, they are used at night: this is a real salvation for owners of dry and capricious skin around the eyes, for whom conventional moisturizers seem to be insufficiently effective.

Another secret: patches can be used not only under the eyes, they perfectly correct wrinkles in the bridge of the nose, nasolabial folds, on the neck (Venus rings).

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