Don't tell me that! 7 most dubious compliments

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Don't tell me that! 7 most dubious compliments
Don't tell me that! 7 most dubious compliments

Beware, such praises can sound rather ambiguous, and there is a good chance that you will be misunderstood

Don't tell me this! 7 most dubious compliments


COMPLIMENT: Wow, how you lost weight! Just well done! TRANSLATION: Thank you, you just explained to a man how unacceptably fat he used to be.

COMPLIMENT: What a beautiful daughter you have. Looks like daddy, right? TRANSLATION: But our mother was not very successful, it seems.

COMPLIMENT: Did you have a holiday in the countryside? You are lucky, because these foreign trips are still so expensive and tiring, until you get around everything, you will look at everything. TRANSLATION: Your life is empty and meaningless, you don't know how to earn money, and your unfortunate children will not see the world.

COMPLIMENT: Is this your husband? Oh, how awesome is he! TRANSLATION: What did this cool man find in you, such a gray mouse, is simply amazing and incomprehensible.

COMPLEMENT: Nice haircut! This emphasizes the cheekbones. TRANSLATION: Nice haircut. And how well it hides your thick cheeks.

COMPLIMENT: Is that you in the photo? Wow, how great they turned out, you just don’t know! TRANSLATION: And in real life you look much worse. And the filters in the phone have mastered the top five!

COMPLEMENT: How cute and cozy your home is, such an artistic mess. TRANSLATION: What a mess. How do you live here in general?

What do you think is wrong to tell a woman? What bad compliments have you received?

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