10 hardships a beautiful woman will face

10 hardships a beautiful woman will face
10 hardships a beautiful woman will face

To be born beautiful is a rare luck. Well, that's how it's supposed to be. True, it is completely incomprehensible why it is considered so - the life path of a beauty is not at all strewn with roses without thorns, and it is very tiring to bypass stacks of fans. This is not counting the serious difficulties that every beauty is sure to face.

10 Difficulties a Beautiful Woman Faces
10 Difficulties a Beautiful Woman Faces


If you are beautiful since childhood, then you will have to cope with complexes. It is for you, and not for those girls who suddenly blossomed in their youth. Because it was you who was bombarded with compliments by mom, dad, grandparents and random passers-by. It was very nice of them, of course, but there is a caveat: not always, but often this leads to problems with self-esteem. The reinforced concrete confidence in one's own irresistibility will be shaken as soon as a girl no less beautiful is nearby. But let's say she's also very talented. Which is also praised by everyone. And that's it. The world has collapsed. At one moment, overestimated self-esteem turns into underestimated, and the beauty swings on these swings for the rest of her life. This, of course, does not add peace of mind.



And for all those who didn't call you back after the date. Are you wondering why? You are looking for the reason in yourself - you didn’t look like that, didn’t say it, looked impregnable or, on the contrary, was unnecessarily imposed. And the reason is not in you at all - the reason is in him. He is afraid of you. And not necessarily he is not sure of himself - but he can’t get away from false stereotypes: beauties are demanding, beauties are money hunters, beauties are windy and fickle. And now your next potential life partner marries a gray mouse, and you choose the most nondescript dress for a new date: don’t frighten away!


And any of your achievements depreciate. Did you study well? Fives were given for beautiful eyes. Are you successful? Well, clearly charmed some boss. Bought a car? They gave it, of course - you couldn’t earn it yourself. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because no one expects any accomplishments from you, everyone expects you to walk beautifully back and forth and babble sweet nonsense. Every time you have to prove that you are a person, and not a beautiful doll. And it's exhausting - it's like everyone around you is walking slowly, and you run a half marathon every morning. What to do?


They say that female friendship does not exist, but this, of course, is a myth. A myth for everyone except beauties, for whom this is the cruel truth of life. Firstly, they envy you and therefore try to do something nasty. Involuntarily. It just seems to them that there is some higher justice in this - you are beautiful, but stupid, bitchy, or, for example, just deeply unhappy. It doesn't matter that all this gossip has no basis. They will still be dismissed.

Secondly, you will be used. Men flock to your beauty, like moths to a fire, but they are afraid to meet, and here - here she is, your ugly girlfriend. And, believe me, the guy you liked will leave with her.


Well, what about? You probably only think about clothes and parties, and work questions no longer fit in your beautiful head. And in general, you got a job to sit in an ambush. And as soon as a suitable male runs past, you are his DAC! - and grab it. Get married right away and forget about labor service forever. That's what he thinks of you

your boss. And it doesn’t matter how valuable an employee you are - it’s not you who will get the promotion, but the nondescript aunt from the neighboring department - supposedly she has nothing in her life except work, not like you, with your stellar appearance. So if you are interested in a career, you will have to grow claws and teeth. There is no other way.


As you know, the best defense is an attack. And you seem to force others to defend themselves by the very fact of their existence. Men look at you and understand that the rose did not bloom for them. Well, so it is necessary, then, to trample it. Women, first of all, are taken to protect their life partners from your charms. You'd think you wanted their squishy little men, lord. Not necessary, but you will still learn a lot about yourself. You are stupid, you are a predator, there is nothing to talk about with you, you are a beautiful facade, behind which there is emptiness. It is useless to prove that it is not so if you are considered a threat. But they do.


Undoubtedly, in your youth it flattered you, but now you are probably tired of the increased interest in your person. Interest, frankly, not too pleasant. Most likely, you prefer to move around the city in a car and walk only in the company of friends. Because as soon as you appear in the subway or on the street alone, greasy looks and lustful cries are provided. Do you sometimes think that the veil is not such a bad invention, right?


Even if no one has ever betrayed you, you can't escape from endless doubts: if you are treated well, is it really you? To yourself or to your breathtaking appearance? Does your darling really love you or just want to have you as a status thing? Is your girlfriend really close to you or pretending to be secretly jealous? And the older you are, the more difficult it is to drive such thoughts away from yourself - simply because with age, the inner circle narrows for everyone. And now it already seems to you that you will be left alone as soon as your beauty fades. Peace, only peace! Such thoughts are visited not only by beauties, but in general by everyone, regardless of appearance, gender, age and worldview. And this is good news, you see. Just because you understand that you are not alone. And that means that you will definitely find a person whom you can completely trust. Source: cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia.

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