How to properly clean the apartment: life hacks to put things in order

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How to properly clean the apartment: life hacks to put things in order
How to properly clean the apartment: life hacks to put things in order

No one likes to spend their weekends cleaning. How to do it faster the first time?

9 Mistakes That Make You Spend More Time Cleaning
9 Mistakes That Make You Spend More Time Cleaning

You do not sort laundry by type and color

Every time you sort laundry before washing, a raccoon dies somewhere in the world. Simply insert the plastic dividers (in extreme cases, cardboard covered with a plastic bag) into the laundry basket. Or put two baskets side by side. Then you can immediately throw laundry into them by grade: delicate fabrics, dyeing, and “things that can be mercilessly washed in a common pile.”

You wash windows on a sunny day

Good weather beckons you to walk through the windows with a rag, who can argue? But the sun has time to dry the streaks before you wipe them off, so stains remain. How to wash windows correctly and quickly.

You are vacuuming the floor with a turbo brush

Turn it off when moving from carpet to smooth floors, otherwise it will re-scatter dust around, and Internet trolls will envy you with their childish fan attacks.

You wash the dishes in the sink in front of the dishwasher

Yes, our ancestors did it, and our children will do it. Although in fact for the dishwasher there is no difference how much to rinse. Just clean the plates of food debris and safely put in the dishwasher.

You don't give cleaning pastes time to dissolve dirt on tiles and in the bath

Yes, you won't believe it, it says "spread and leave for 3-5 minutes." And it really works, softening and discoloring dirt. Then it is enough to wipe and rinse, and not to scour with a sponge, wiping off stubborn stains (this definitely does not contribute to quick and high-quality cleaning). Although, if you want to pump up your arms… More tips on how to clean up faster.

Your family doesn't take off their shoes at the door

Everyone is in a hurry, everyone just for a minute behind the forgotten phone. Put two rugs: outside and inside by the door. Place a separate mat or plastic shoe rack for dirty shoes. Shoot anyone who stomps into the house without taking off their shoes. Here it is, from Monday. And then you can meet Sunday in a clean, quiet apartment all alone.

You use a sticky roller to remove animal hair from furniture

It seems to be easier and faster with him. But he still can’t cope with tons of wool. Take a large smooth rubber ball. Wet it with plain water and walk it over the chairs and sofa. Fluff and wool will stick to the ball - and a quick cleaning of the house will become a reality.

You forget that the cleaning tool needs it and itself

Dirty rags, mops and a full vacuum cleaner. If you do not keep them clean, your cleaning will be significantly delayed. We are not talking about the smell they emit.

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