Give Me Furry Navel: 7 Cartoon Foods for a Kids' Party

Give Me Furry Navel: 7 Cartoon Foods for a Kids' Party
Give Me Furry Navel: 7 Cartoon Foods for a Kids' Party

Parents, of course, faced the problem of a children's menu for celebrating their offspring's birthday. Not to serve a banal chicken and Olivier on the table? I want something fun and satisfying at the same time. Meanwhile, the clue can be found in your favorite cartoons.

Serve Me Furry Navel: 7 Cartoon Foods for a Kid's Party
Serve Me Furry Navel: 7 Cartoon Foods for a Kid's Party



Image: Paramount Pictures and Viacom International Inc.

In the cartoon "SpongeBob - Squarepants" the signature dish is Krabby Patties. They are prepared like regular hamburgers: a sesame bun (7 sesame seeds minimum!), a lettuce leaf, a patty (which should be crab, but can be made from ground chicken or beef), a circle of tomato, a slice of cheese, ketchup, mustard and, Definitely two pickles! But do not forget that "The main ingredient is love!", as the main character SpongeBob says.


You no doubt know that Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello are not artists and sculptors at all, but ninja turtles. The main dish that green mutants consume in incredible quantities is pizza. An indispensable addition is anchovies and pineapples.


This is something the ginger fat cat Garfield cannot live without. What is good about lasagna is that even spinach and broccoli, which are not loved by children, can be hidden in it. But in no case do not add cat pate to it! Garfield does not approve of this.


The cooking company from the cartoon "Chowder" cooks everything - from blueberry-chocolate "figudel strudel" to "cut pickles" (what it is, no one really knows). But if you serve stuffed Devil's Eggs with unusual additions - cheese, paprika and Dijon mustard, success will be guaranteed.

Knight's fingers

These are sausages. Well, in any case, the favorite dish of the Dragon from the cartoon "Shrek", in our conditions, is the most humane to cook from sausages. Boil the sausage, instead of a nail, put a plate of almonds or an onion (you can replace it with a piece of tomato, but in this case the finger becomes a lady's). Put on a plate, make a few cuts, simulating a finger joint, pour ketchup.


Homer Simpson can't live without them. The most important thing about Homer donuts is that they should be round, with pink icing and multi-colored sprinkles. You can, after all, just buy them. But be sure to get the kids to say in a sing-song voice: “Mmmmm, pooh.”

And finally, Shaggy Navel Cocktail - Recipe

The Hairy Navel cocktail was drunk by all the characters from Shrek at the Poison Apple bar. The recipe is simple: half a glass of Coca-Cola and two tablespoons of vanilla ice cream. After you stir it all up a little, a thick, shaggy foam will rise. Delight guaranteed!

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