Pink Heels - 5 Ways to Fix Them

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Pink Heels - 5 Ways to Fix Them
Pink Heels - 5 Ways to Fix Them

Uncomfortable shoes, as well as a love of high heels, often cause hardened areas and cracks on the heels to form on the skin of the feet. Get rid of rough skin and give your heels an attractive look with our recommendations for heel care at home.

Pink heels - 5 ways to fix them
Pink heels - 5 ways to fix them

Heel care at home


Constant mechanical friction and increased pressure leads to thickening of the skin in certain areas. In addition to the fact that corns and corns look completely unattractive, as a rule, they are also very painful. Remember, if your shoes are too tight, don't wear them, even if they are your dream shoes.


“It is not necessary to remove rough skin areas on your own,” says Maria Amelina, expert of the NEUTROGENA® brand "Norwegian formula", a member of the Russian Society of Dermatovenerologists. It is better to entrust heel care to podologists. It is worth signing up for procedures for cleansing and softening the skin on the legs - peelings, paraffin baths. After visiting a pedicure or podology room, to prevent re-roughening of the skin in the usual places, apply creams with a special base and active ingredients daily at night. How to do a pedicure at home.

Heel Care


To keep your feet in perfect condition between visits to the beauty salon, the Pedi system from Clarisonic will help. The Pedi device consists of two nozzles - a stainless steel disc and a brush with short, hard and long flexible bristles that make 300 micro-oscillations per second. They gently massage the heels, gently removing dead and rough skin, while not injuring the he althy one. Compared to manual heel care, Clarisonic Pedi leaves feet 10 times smoother, softer and more hydrated!



Prepare a small bowl. Pour hot water. Add some liquid soap and one tablespoon of baking soda to the water. The temperature of the water should be such that you can put your feet in it. You can add medicinal herbs or oils to the bath, for example, 2-3 drops of tea tree oil. Soak your feet in the bath until the water cools down. Clean the heels, for example, with a pumice stone, and apply cream after heel care.

Follow our recommendations and your heels will be soft like a baby!

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