TOP 10 controversy about raising a child

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TOP 10 controversy about raising a child
TOP 10 controversy about raising a child

"Where is that Mary Poppins when you need her most?" Why do parents so often argue about parenting, and what are they all about?

TOP 10 disputes about raising a child


British online nanny service has published the results of a survey of parents on parenting.

As it turned out, parents argue with each other at least eight times a month about how to raise children, how and when to discipline a child and when, on the contrary, to give him the opportunity to enjoy life while you can. In addition, in about 51% of cases, dads and moms find a compromise, and in 38% of cases, mom has the last word. Who are these iron guys with nerves from ropes, who entered the remaining 11%? Show them!


1. How to discipline a child?

2. How to respond to tantrums?

3. One parent allows what the other just forbade.

4. One parent fails to comply with sanctions imposed by the other parent.

6. Should the baby be allowed to cry on its own or comfort?

7. How much to spend on a birthday and New Year gift?

9. Should a child be allowed to sleep with their parents in the same bed?

10. How to reward children - verbally or with gifts or sweets?

If you find your familiar parenting topics on this list, congratulations, you are not alone in the universe.

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