What can be dangerous henna tattoos

What can be dangerous henna tattoos
What can be dangerous henna tattoos

At various holidays (including children's), among other entertainments that children are drawn to, there are temporary henna tattoos. It's fun and exciting, but it turns out not to be safe.

How dangerous are henna tattoos?



The reason is the so-called black henna. Natural henna is red-brown, so to make its color darker and more saturated, paraphenylenediamine dye is added to it. In contact with the skin, it in many cases causes allergies. Its use is allowed in the EU only for hair dyes and only in small quantities. The danger also lies in the fact that some people do henna tattoos at home.


If paint with paraphenylenediamine gets in and stays on the skin for a long time, a chemical burn can occur, which causes scarring and blisters. In this case, the burn itself may not appear immediately, but only after a few days. After such an allergic reaction, your body will also react to hair dyes.

This is not a joke, a simple Internet image search for "black henna burn" will show you clearly how. Therefore, we recommend to refrain from temporary henna tattoos, and even more so to dissuade your children from them.

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