Delicious September on the Food TV channel

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Delicious September on the Food TV channel
Delicious September on the Food TV channel

For those who truly know how to enjoy food and the process of its preparation, the Food TV channel prepared 3 delicious premieres in September.

Delicious September on the TV channel "Food"

"Belarusian cuisine". Without speculation and stereotypes

Premiering September 14 at 20.30

Viewers will again be able to go on a culinary journey through the countries of the former USSR. In addition to the Georgian, Uzbek and Armenian cuisine already on the air of the TV channel "Food", a new project - "Belarusian Cuisine" starts

If you can't live without potato pancakes with sour cream, and even if you hear about them for the first time. If you have no idea what kulagi, dumplings or zatsy are, but you just really like mustaches… then this program is for you! "Belarusian cuisine" - as it is, without stereotypes and conjectures.

"G is for grill". Only the unbridled imagination of the chef… and the grill!

Premiering September 20 at 10.30 am and 9.30 pm

Young and original chef Anton Abrezov will please connoisseurs of street food and grilled dishes with unusual and tasty recipes in the new project “G means grill”. Hot charlotte of fried apples, languid trout with stewed tomatoes, passionate hot dog with turkey heart and juicy burgers! So delicious and so easy!

"Bullpen" or "Kitchen on request". The food is up to you!

Premier September 22 20.30

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