Finn Flare knows where to look for your reflection

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Finn Flare knows where to look for your reflection
Finn Flare knows where to look for your reflection

The famous Finnish brand starts the new season under the slogan "FINN FLARE - your best reflection!"

Finn Flare knows where to look for your reflection!

The authors of the autumn-winter collection were inspired, firstly, by the brand's traditional values ​​- as always, high quality and comfort. Secondly, the collection reflects all the latest trends in the fashion industry. Thirdly, when developing models, FiNN FLARE designers took into account the feedback and wishes of regular customers. Thanks to this, the image created by the collection turned out to be absolutely harmonious.

The new collection is a variety of design solutions. Soft lines and shapes, prints and shades of natural origin contrast with the hard sheen of accessories and metallic fabrics, complex, slightly futuristic cut products.

Together they form a balanced collection, thanks to which it became possible to create your own unique style and emphasize individuality. In other words, the collection reflects both the wishes of our customers and the design ideas, so that, ultimately, the buyers of the brand can enjoy their best reflection in the mirror!

The concept of the collection was also embodied in the images of the advertising campaign of the new season, the face of which again became Sergey Svetlakov. Thanks to the range of his talent, he easily brought the idea of ​​​​FiNN FLARE to life, especially since it turned out to be close to him as a professional actor.

Role, image, reflection - all this is an integral part of Sergey's life, and the recognition and love of his fans say that he knows exactly what needs to be done to make the reflection the best! In the new season, of course, dress up in FiNN FLARE.

It should be noted that along with the celebrity, very young models also got into the camera lens, who demonstrated samples of the new FiNN FLARE KiDS line.

And here again, the allegory of mirrors and reflections came in handy. The fact is that the design of the children's line repeats the models of the main collection of men's and women's clothing, and from the whole variety of the adult line, designers have chosen only the best and most fashionable.

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