Where can I download the textbook? 20 websites to help parents of schoolchildren

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Where can I download the textbook? 20 websites to help parents of schoolchildren
Where can I download the textbook? 20 websites to help parents of schoolchildren

Internet resources where you can download textbooks for free and without registration will save schoolchildren's parents!

Where to download the textbook? 20 websites to help parents of schoolchildren


SOVIET TIME For those who are nostalgic for the quality of Soviet education: here you can download a lot of textbooks of the 20th century.

SCHOOL LESSONS It looks like you don't have to go to school at all: there are a huge number of video lessons on basic school subjects from grades 1 to 11. There is an analysis of the OGE and USE tasks and even lectures on child psychology.

SCHOOL ASSISTANT Answers to questions in mathematics, geometry and Russian for students in grades 5-8 are stored here.

RUSSIAN EDUCATION Another site where you can download textbooks for free. A huge and quite official collection of digital educational resources: textbooks and guidelines, electronic publications, thematic collections.

RUSSIAN GENERAL EDUCATION PORTAL On this site you will find thematic selections for all school subjects.

INTERNET LIBRARY MTSNMO Internet library of the Moscow Center for Continuing Mathematical Education. A couple of hundred textbooks and manuals for everyone who is seriously interested in mathematics and physics.

SOLVING MATH ONLINE Step-by-step solution of equations and problems online.

UCHI.RUMathematics for elementary school in a playful way. Over 700 tasks - you won't be bored.

SCHOOL MATHEMATICS School math tips: basic concepts and formulas, presentations, tests.

ECOSYSTEM ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER Electronic aids for environmental education: plant guides and other reference information, educational videos and teaching aids.

ALCHEMIST Virtual chemistry: tasks, explanations of topics, manuals and guides for applicants, an online course for beginners and even tips on where to go to study if your child is interested in chemistry. And, of course, this is a chemistry site where you can download textbooks for free.

CHEMNET RUSSIA Electronic Library of the Faculty of Chemistry of Moscow State University.

EDUSTUDIO An educational portal offering help with problems and examples.

QUANT Archive of issues of the popular scientific physics and mathematics journal Kvant from 1970 to 2015: articles on physics and mathematics, problems with explanations of solutions.

REMOTE TRAINING IN INFORMATICS Information for preparing schoolchildren for Olympiads in Informatics: electronic library, author's courses, analysis of tasks from previous years.

UNIVERSITY WITHOUT BORDERS Center for the Development of Electronic Educational Resources of Moscow State University: various opportunities for distance education for schoolchildren and students. There are open courses and lectures in school and non-school subjects.

KIDS ELECTRONIC PRESENTATIONS Over 4,000 presentations and clips for younger students to get inspired and add your own.

WORLD OF ENCYCLOPEDIAS World of encyclopedias - Russian-language encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books.

GRAMOTA.RU Reference and information portal for the Russian language: you can search for information or ask your own questions.

SLOVARI 20 volumes of dictionaries for every taste.

Now you know where to download textbooks for free and without registration. Successful studies for your children!

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