Alternative ways to use deodorant

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Alternative ways to use deodorant
Alternative ways to use deodorant

This is not written in the instructions for use, but it really works.

5 Unexpected Ways to Apply Deodorant
5 Unexpected Ways to Apply Deodorant

Save sweaty feet

Apply some deodorant to the soles of your feet at night. Just like on the armpits, it will protect you from sweating. And your feet will smell good. Strictly speaking, deodorants can generally be applied wherever you need - under the knees, on the palms, under the breasts.

New shoes

When you put on new shoes for the first time, apply a solid deodorant on the sides of the foot and from the heel to the ankle along the back. It will work as a protective lubricant and protect against chafing.

Wide hips and leg seams

If your jeans are rubbing from the inside of your thighs, apply a thin layer of deodorant to your inner thighs. This works especially well on hot, hectic days when you have to move around a lot.

Itching from insect bites

Most deodorants contain aluminum s alts, which are great for relieving itching. Almost instantly.

Remove nail polish if you run out of remover

If nothing else, spray deodorant can wash off the varnish. Spray on cotton wool or directly on nails. But it dries quickly, so rinse immediately.

How do I get deodorant off my clothes?

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