Why women like men in uniform

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Why women like men in uniform
Why women like men in uniform

Researchers from the University of Southampton conducted an interesting study: they studied the attractiveness of men in uniform to women. And they learned that evolution is to blame.

Why do women like men in uniform?

Why do we like men in uniform

Scientists took demographic statistics after World War II. And they found that the families of veterans who returned with awards had more children than other veterans of the same war. It turns out that the heroes were loved.

In another part of the study, women were asked to rate the attractiveness of men from different categories of winners: in war, in sports, in business. Then the results were summarized in general statistics.

It turned out that women were noticeably more likely to choose hero soldiers and found men in uniform especially attractive if they were awarded medals for bravery in battle. But overcoming difficulties by a man and winning in sports or business did not arouse any significant interest.

But the survey of men revealed an inverse relationship. Women-heroes for men are practically not attractive, unlike women who are not heroes.

Researchers explain the possible reasons for this behavior by saying that throughout evolution, people had to protect their tribe and family from attacks by other groups of people. That is why handsome men in uniform who have clearly and unequivocally proven themselves as winners in the struggle for life will be more attractive as a partner.

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