Use perfume correctly: 8 professional tips

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Use perfume correctly: 8 professional tips
Use perfume correctly: 8 professional tips

It would seem that it can be difficult to apply perfume? However, perfumery has its own rules, following which you will help the fragrance to open up and extend its durability.

Use perfume correctly: 8 professional tips
Use perfume correctly: 8 professional tips


Perfume should only be applied to clean skin.

To make the fragrance last as long as possible, first apply a cream with the same fragrance to the skin of the body.

Another way to make a fragrance last is to apply it to the places where the pulse beats. Touch the wrists, the skin behind the ear, the crook of the elbow - the skin in these areas is slightly warmer, so the smell will be more distinct.

You don't need to pour perfume, otherwise your fragrance will only repel others - experts advise spraying perfume in front of you and entering the perfume cloud. You can perfume your scarf or the hem of your dress to let the fragrance follow you.

With light fragrances, you can experiment, namely, mix them with each other to get your own unique scent. Debbie Wilde, global style director for Jo Malone recommends wearing two to three fragrances at the same time. For example, Wood Sage & Sea S alt goes great with Peony & Blush Suede. It also sounds good with Lime Basil & Mandarin - the freshness of lime pairs with ambrette seeds and basil with sage.

To be noticed, it is enough to apply a couple of drops of perfume in the morning, while twice as much is allowed in the evening.

“Do not apply perfume with your fingertips,” advises Guerlain perfume expert Galina Garkun. Use the glass rod on the back of the cork.”

Don't chase the latest fashions. If oud or vetiver is in trend now, it is not at all a fact that it will suit you. Find your fragrance that will highlight your personality and give you a feeling of self-confidence!

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